AGA 薄毛・抜け毛 なら自毛植毛 専門医 長井正寿 アメリカ毛髪学会専門医

AGA 薄毛・抜け毛 なら自毛植毛 専門医 長井正寿 アメリカ毛髪学会専門医

AGA 薄毛・抜け毛 なら自毛植毛 専門医 長井正寿 アメリカ毛髪学会専門医


にほんブログ村 健康ブログ 発毛・育毛へ

Hi colleagues, 

I'm Doctor Nagai from Hair and skin clinic shinjuku 



We can have a lot of patients from the article of the magazine "Friday".

We appreciate that.


If you are intereseted in , check "Frideay degital version July 6th 2018" 

If you are thinking of hair surgery, please contact and ask us.


I appreciate your kind crick of under blue tag!

にほんブログ村 健康ブログ 植毛・自毛植毛へ 

YES, We do both FUE &FUT(FUSS)

I'm the only one surgeon who perform whole procedure 

even graft preparation and graft placing for linear slit.

Yes, we can have councelling and surgery using English.

So why not ask us!



Keep preventing COVID 19 infection by washing hands and wearing mask inside. 

Let's live our life!


When collecting grafts with FUE, the patient is sitting on the Thai chair. 

I sat down as a patient. 


This chair itself was introduced by me, so how to adjust the sitting comfort and posture 

 I knew enough. 


However, this time I became a patient for the first time and sat in this chair, and experienced the process of seeding after designing the occipital region, shaving and anesthesia. 

Then I noticed various things that I didn't notice in a short time. 

No matter how comfortable your posture is, it can be painful for a long time. 


The part on which the face is placed has enough pads, but 

It becomes painful to push my face over time 


It's like getting stiff. 

I noticed that, so

I immediately arranged a new pad

as a countermeasure, 


I tried to reduce the pain. 


When you experience anything yourself, 

you can understand important things that you did not notice. 


I had a valuable experience. 


2017 Italian society in Venezia



I perform whole procedure not only graft harvesting, design, 

but also graft preparation and graft placing with linear slit.

This is very rare to do all because its very tough. But I love to do.


One special thing is perform whole procedure with right and left hands.

I useRt hand for FUE at left occiptal area, slit-making at Rt recipient area and graft placing for Rt recipient area

I use Lt hand for FUE at Rt occiptal area, slit-making at Lt recipient area and graft placing for Lt recipient area

The reason is just for natural result.



For those who visit us for planting operation, I will explain in detail!

On the other hand, I never do what we do not want to be received by myself or to a friend.


As before, I will tell you important things not only for patients but also for those in the same field.


In "Team Nagai", we will always offer things that would be able to encourage my family and friends with confidence,

 I will further enhance this.

This is racial regardless of race.


Results and reducing pain of procedure are the 2 most important things in our surgery.

please contact us


Just like a wonderful sports commentator is not a leading athlete,

Please check “the before and after images rather than only the wording without result ”.

This is a blog of a woman who took a break from operation  contact mail address:


In addition, this is a blog of those who received an operation at our hospital by ourselves.


From the patient's point of view, it explains not only our clinic but also the good and bad points of others

I appreciate the courageous update.

Please also support here.


Masahisa Nagai


Oral examiner of American bord of hair restoration surgery

ISHRS fellow member  only  66 of all ISHRS members in  2018

ARTAS international instructor  
 comertial trade 
Masahisa Nagai




   Body hair extraction 
Mustache to scalp


Check how grafts are intact and a few weezing 



more videos↓


Description:With the FUE punch, it is an operation to collect high-quality donors uniformly without making linear scratches by collecting in donor pores and without causing uneven density due to overshooting.

About FUT、we perform "Nagai method" 2 step excision and 2 step closure  

Since anesthesia is performed with local anesthesia, it is safest because there is a consciousness during surgery.
Complications (risks) of the treatment: pain, redness/heat, initial hair loss, hair loss/hair loss, tightness, dullness, aggravation of acne in the treatment area, comedo, folliculitis, swelling, pigment due to the treatment Very rarely, deposits, petechiae, internal bleeding, swelling, burning and scarring occur.

Treatment price: 500G 450,000 Yen