Charlize Theron’s “Atomic Blonde”:
This is the authentic Martial Art movie unlike the fashionable & stylish martial art movie, “John Wick” even if they are directed by the same filmmaker, David Leitch. I love it!

But the story is too complicated to grasp. This is a big flaw.

I must say “Atomic Blonde” made me be looking forward to seeing next two “Fast & Furious” franchise movies much more because I am dying to see fighting scenes between Charlize Theron and powerful action stars of “F & F” such as Vin Diesel, Dwayne Johnson & Jason Statham.


アンディ・サーキス主演+ウッディ・ハレルソン共演の”War for the Planet of the Apes”「猿の惑星:聖戦記(グレート・ウォー)」: 






This upcoming movie’s Japanese title is “猿の惑星:聖戦記(グレート・ウォー)” which can be translated into English as follows: “The Planet of the Apes: The Chronicle of the Holy War (The Great War).”

Don’t you think it interesting?

For your information the Japanese title of the first franchise movie “Rise of the Planet of the Apes” is “猿の惑星:創世記(ジェネシス)” which means “The Planet of the Apes: Genesis (Genesis)” in English.

The Japanese title of the second franchise movie “Dawn of the Planet of the Apes” is “猿の惑星:新世紀(ライジング)” which means “The Planet of the Apes: The New Century (Rising)” in English.

Please note that the original English title of the ‘First’ one includes “Rise” in it and the Japanese title of the ‘Second’ one includes “Rising” in it.

I think it very curious. (^_^)



Michael Fassbender and Ridley Scott’s ”Alien: Covenant”:

This movie could not touch my heart at all unlike “Prometheus” which impressed me very much. Because it made me feel that this was just another mad scientist movie even if he happened be a robot.

Actually it’s less than my expectations. I expected much different one from what I saw the day before yesterday in movie theater as a sequel of “Prometheus.”

I must say I was looking forward to seeing much more profound one which is deep in thought on religions.

Ridley Scott showed us David’s evil deeds too much. So it made crews look more stupid and I don’t like it.

I’d like to say that the extinction of ‘Engineers’ by David should be described more deliberately. If so, it could have been more scary movie because the most scary thing in this franchise is not ‘Alien’ but David.

And also I felt that it leaped too far from “Prometheus.” For me it should have been a third franchise movie but not the second.

They say the next franchise movie’s title would be “AI.” So I hope I could see how David the Robot would become at last.








Today must be remembered because the Japanese Left Wing is almost Gone!

Only remaining fairly major left wing party is the Japanese Communist Party.

Today Democratic Party in Japan vanished with just one click because "連合"(Rengo) -- an 'AFL–CIO' in Japan -- decided to go along with the newly created party, "Party of Hope" which is founded by the Governor of Tokyo, Ms. Yuriko Koike.

Please remember Ms. Koike is the rightist politician but is never the leftist one. I must say she is a "Ms. Marine Le Pen" in Japan.



I sent the following message to Universal Pictures.
I am a Japanese. I bought the Blu-ray Disc of your "The Fate of the Furious." It's the US version but not the Japanese version.

Now I could play the Original English version without any problems. But with "Cinavia Messages: Message Code 3" coming up I couldn't play the Spanish dubbed version (and neither the French dubbed version) on my Blu-ray Disc player, Sony's BDP-S1500 which is sold in Japan.

And I couldn't play the Spanish dubbed version either on the other Blu-ray Disc players in my working place.

Why? It's your 'Official' Blu-ray Disc but never copied one or piracy. Would you mind to explain it to me?



ビン・ディーゼル主演の"Fast Five"「ワイルド・スピード Mega Max」(スペイン語吹き替え版+スペイン語字幕):


1990年にロードショー公開前のこの二つの映画(「ゴースト ニューヨークの幻」と「プリティー・ウーマン」)の輸入盤のビデオを秋葉原の石丸電気で買って、クローズド・キャプション機能を使い、初めて《オリジナル英語版+英語字幕》で観て、そしてその方法で何度も色々な映画を、輸入盤のビデオやレーザーディスクで観て、英語がどんどん上達していったよい記憶が、今また、27年前に始めたのと似たような形で、スペイン語の上達のために、日本版ではなく、米国版のBlu-rayを買って、自分の好きな映画を《スペイン語吹き替え版+スペイン語字幕》で観るやり方で再び採用している訳ですが…







トム・クルーズ+ジェイミー・フォックス主演の"Collateral"(スペイン語吹き替え版/Spanish dubbed version + スペイン語字幕/Spanish subtitles):
The UK Blu-ray Disc was delivered yesterday. So I saw it last night. Since I love this movie, I felt very happy when I saw it in the Spanish dubbed version this time.

Javier Bardem himself dubbed Spanish voice but not Mark Ruffalo.

In the climax scene Jamie Foxx used "coger." So it must be Spanish in Spain but not Spanish in Latin American countries.

The Spanish lines in this dubbed version are similar to the Spanish subtitles. Especially their sentence making structures even if each word in use is little bit different. So it's very useful to learn Spanish through this movie.