Chapter 6 | 中杉 弘の徒然日記

中杉 弘の徒然日記


Chapter 6

The politician who sells Japan!


In fact, politician like gangs gather and control tax in the political world.

State powers threaten that you can’t divide taxes on you if you disobey.

The bureaucracy is managing the budget allocates taxes.

Actually, the state is like a thief or gangs.

For example, politicians are not thinking about giving ODA to Korea for the national Development.

Japanese politicians who naturalized Japanese Koreans demand a back if they give ODA!

There is a “Market price.”

This is actually what Japanese politicians have done.

Under the Japan-Korea Basic Treaty, Japan gave a huge amount of 800 million.

10% of reparations paid by apology diplomacy.

10% of the compensation paid by the government will fill their own pockets.

A huge amount of money goes into the pocket of the politician.

It is well prepared for the political funding issues such as bank transfers.

Faction authority distributes it.

Actually, his secretary testified that Kakuei Tanaka had put a stack of bills in the room of hotel where he was distributing at the election.

It is incredible that all the politicians often gathered there with their Boston bags in those days.

Kakuei Tanaka was filled his own pocket from bribe Kakuei Tanaka was said that he had rights and interests from Shinkansen, Bullet train but it is not such a small amount.

It was the bribery from Chinese ODA.

In fact, Japan provided more than 3 trillion yen to China.

Zhou Enlai deceived that they would not need reparation for the Chinese who reward with gratitude to return the grudge!

ODA is not compensation, but a government development aid to assist developing countries.

There was a room in the hotel was full of bills because politicians sell Japan, they could get as much money as they want.

Even now, such bad men have political power!

Why Korean is staying Takeshima illegally?

In fact, Japanese politicians who naturalized Japanese for 6 billion yen sold Takeshima to South Korea!

This is the way politician and nations are, but the relationships of nation and nation, too.

It likes a bandit or pirate.

Especially, western powers are explicit!

What is the purpose of the war to fight for the thief is to kill the other nation invade the territory.

It is the purpose of the war to take the nation by force.

Where are the nations that love peace?

For example, Vikings attacked to steal villages have no weapons.

In those days, all men lived in the village were killed and all women were raped children were sold as a slave!

Genghis khan killed all who disobeyed.

There is an episode that Genghis Khan asked his man what his fun.

In contrast that his men told that he liked to drink play with his family, Genghis Khan told that it was the best fun that attacking the village and killing all men raping all women!

Just hearing to Genghis Khan’s name made it impossible to resist.

Genghis Khan conquered the vast Chinese continent and Eastern Europe.

The reason he could conquered such a vast territory was the same in any nation.

No nation is as good as Japan that giving money America in every year.

Because America prevents Japan to leave from America.

Being such beasts surround Japan, they kill whoever disobeys them.

Actually, it was 74 years ago, so.

Japan dropped two atomic bombs all citizens have no weapons were killed.

Is it stupid that military spending should only use 1% of GDP?

Then, the nation cannot be protected.

Military spending is essentially unlimited.

Even if half of the national budget is invested, the nation must be protected.

Otherwise, Japan must be invaded.

It is Article 9 of the constitution that prevents that.

It is the same as saying that Japan should be an American slave.

Since this is the actual situation, it is not a constitutional amendment that starts the abandonment of the constitution and the independence of Japan comes true.








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