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As I'm working with a couple of Catholic Non-Profit Organizations in US, the language I really "need" to learn is Spanish, as more and more Spanish speaking American Catholics are on the rise.  It is definitely a necessity and I know it; It would definitely be great for me to master Spanish, so I can be of a help in making pamphlets or in translation at organizational conferences. 

My high school had French, Latin and Spanish as a choice for foreign language course. Michigan historically has higher population of French American thus French was always available choice, Latin, tho it's technically a dead language, it is used in academia thus certain popularity among students remained, and Spanish emerging necessity as Hispanic population started to grow.  I took Latin, as I saw merit in learning which would be in future scientific field I would major in. 

Anyways, I see more necessity in learning Spsnish at this time of my life, but what I truly love is Italian language. I wanna be able to master Italian language so someday I could do pilgrimage trip to Assisi, Italy one day; A homeland of my baptismal Saint, St. Francis of Assisi.


How To Put Shpulder Strap on the Sanshin

1. Unwind the Karakui (tuning peg) to loosen the strings. 


2. Unhook the Neo (string holder) from tail of the instrument. 


3. Put tail of the instrument through the hole of the shoulder strap.


4. Put the Neo (string holder) back on to the tail of the instrument over the end of  the shoulder strap.  


5. Tie the rope end of the shoulder strap in between tuning peg of 1st and 3rd string and beyond the second tuning peg. 


6. Tune the instrument and off you go!



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