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I am a very punctual person, and I like to be prepared at all time, so I usually prepare myself to get to destination location at least 15 min prior to the actual time of me needing to be there. 

In US, especially Michigan, the motor city, the public transportation service is awful at best... It's easier to count the time the buses actually got to the bus stop on time, than when they didn't.  And in winter time, sometimes the buses just never show up. I can totally understand if it's a heavy snowstorm or something, but even when it's not that bad outside, sometimes the buses just decide to change the route and never show up! 

So I usually make sure to get a bus early enough to be at least by the meeting location at least 15 min prior. If the bus doesn't come I could at least get a lyft/uber to get to location. 

Just as I'm punctual, I hate people who tardy often. I learned that it's way too stressful to expect others to be on time, so once in working group, I learned to tell earlier meeting time to those who tardy usually and tell the regular time for those who are punctual, so we all can start around the same time. It's easier to change how to deal with things from your side than expecting others to change.


Usually Sanshin players don't wear "yubikake" (finger guard), but since my hands are tiny and with my allergies to chemicals including different kind of paints and lacquers, I use yubikake that I imported from Shamisen online stores.

My left hand doesn't get itchy or hurts anymore since I started to wear it. And I'm glad I got it, cuz it became easier to slide fingers up and down the neck of the instrument, even when my hand gets sweaty from practicing long hours!


【新商品】厚みしっかり ぽってり指掛(指すり) 津軽三味線用【メール便対応】


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