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I don't like plan things too tightly, when traveling. I mean, I'm all for it to plan in general sense, like departure time and arrival time, but other than that, I'd like to have time and space for improvising. I would take a look at where I can go to hang or research a couple of major location I want to visit with enough leeway time, but if something happen I'm not gonna be annoyed missed occasions. In fact, I would take it as another reason to revisit, a reason to travel again. 


5th: String and tighten the rope. Then, put one string through the loop of the other end. Tie the end. 

-• While it needs to be tight, be sure the rope wouldn't get in between the body (drum part of the instrument)  and Sao (wooden neck). 


6th: Fold short rope about the width of the instrument or at least the width of tiiger.


7th: Take the long end of the rope and coil it around. Coil it tightly around and as much as you can.


8th: Put the end of the coiled rope through the loop that you made with the folded short rope. 


9th: Pull both of end of the rope, tighten it as hard as you can. Shape the coiled part to make the coiled part even. Tie the end. 


10th: Hook string holder back on the instrument, tune the instrument and you are good to go!



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