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I personally would prefer text message, messenger or Line or quite frankly anything other than phone calls, but it all depends. The organization I'm involved with, I'm the youngest one on the board, so other folks there are older than I am, and they are not familiar with newer technologies and sometimes, they just prefer to be called, even if they know how to use text message and so on. In that case, I would be fine with going by regular phone calls. 

Anyhow, the Sanshin accessories I ordered from Japan, finally got here. So, I'm going to be writing about them:

How to tie "tiiger (pronounced: tea-ger), the wrap that goes around the body (drum part) of the Sanshin:

1st: Loosen all Karakui (Tuning pegs) and slip the Neo (string holder) off from the tail of the instrument. 



2nd: Untie the rope on the current Tiiger and unhook the tiiger from the instrument.

3rd: Prepare the new tiiger. 
You are likely to be needed to open a hole for the tail of Sao (Wooden neck stick) on the new Tiiger. Each Sanshin is unique in where or the size of the hole needed. So you have to measure the tail of the Sao to make a hole. However, I've found an easier way; You would put your old tiiger over the new tiiger, and just cut out the hole exactly the same size according to its old one. 



4th: Get your rope for tiiger ready. When you buy tiiger, it usually comes with the Edo Uchi Himo (Edo rope), but if not, you can import it using global rakuten market. 

Fold it in half, and slide one end about 10cm (4in) longer than the other end.


It is getting longer, so I will continue tomorrow.

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