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Wish I had seen this blog challenge before I wrote the article I wrote a few days ago! I'm definitely going with Mac on this one.

I used to be a very loyal Win PC user for a while. I enjoyed Win 2000, then XP. I never had VISTA, thank god, but unfortunately I had to fix a bunch of VISTA running computers from parish community I belonged to.

The last Win computer I acquired was the one that was running on Windows7. It was a bit better than the VISTA, but then if you compare anything to VISTA, it's pretty much telling you how the quality is, by doing just that.

Anyways, when my windows 7 computer started to have issues, I decided that the next computer would be the mac. Back in my high school days, Mac computers kind a gave me traumatic experiences with their iMacs. I loved the design and all that, but back then, I was taking AP Computer Science course, and AP students were to use new iMacs on the school campus, which by itself was so awesome. But coming from windows, the weird shaped mouse was just not working with my hand and of course, as I started to create computer programs for class projects, I had to encounter bunch of bugs. It wasn't the fault of Mac or anything, but seeing bunch of bugs and errors on the codes I created on the mac screen wasn't a good initial encounter with Mac computers. :P

The time had passed then, I stayed away from Mac products, except iPod Mini. I was cool with that and my internet friends in Asian countries were all pretty much the Mac users and they've been advising me to get the Mac for a quite a long time. They told me, how no one would go back to using Windows, once they switch to Mac. With their advice and their influence, as well as watching WWDCs on online, change my heart to test out more Apple products. iPhone is the phone I use, so is my tablet, which still works perfectly despite of my tablet being iPad Mini 1st generation model. As my apple gadgets increased, I realized it just perfectly make sense to have Mac laptop for convenience and productivity, through syncing and all that.

The Apple did very smart job in how they marketed things. It really draws their customers into their economical system, and they just give comfort to convince their customers that unifying the all electric systems to the apple products, makes sense. The lesser hassle when you have all gears in sync is a big draw for sure.

Anyways, I am using MacBook Air 2014 Early model, iPad mini 1st generation, and iPhone 5S at the moment. They are all in sync and I can continue works from any of those devices. It is so perfect as I ride buses for commute and feeling like not wanting to yank out the laptop, I still can continue work from my cell phone on the go.


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