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"Why should only 1 % of the people have to monopolize the half of the wealth of the world?"
"Now is the time to change such ridiculous economic system."

-A proposal to implement the International Labor Treaty to increase the wages by reducing the return on capital for the reduction of the world wide wealth disparity.-

As we all know now, only 1% of the entire human population is monopolizing nearly 50% of total wealth of the whole world. As the investors have been earning more money, the wages of workers have been reduced year by year in every country. It so happened just to reduce the COST for producing more profit for the company which ultimately go to the investors.
It means that the wages for 99% of the people have been reduced only to make more profit for just 1% of the people. We are not offering our labors to make only 1% of the people happy. We are working for the happiness of ourselves and our family members. Our wages are not COST. Since 99% of entire humanity are the some sort of workers and their family members who are dependent on them, the wages of workers are the source of the happiness for 99% of whole humanity.
However now such happiness of 99% of people are deprived and minimized just to make 1% of the people happier. Somehow today's economic system is developed in such a way that makes only 1% of the investors happy, and makes all other 99% of workers unhappy and miserable.
We are not the slaves for the just 1% of the people. Besides, more importantly our wages are the sources of buying power. If all the workers in the world earn enough wages, the entire buying powers in the world will increase tremendously that will vitalize world economy in unprecedented scale.
The reason why the present world economy is heading towards almost chronic recession is the total wealth of whole world is monopolized by just 1% of whole population and their buying power is limited. It's very simple logic.
Instead of concentrating the wealth to just 1% of people, it is much better to distribute the wealth to 99% of the people. That way, the wealth will be changed into buying power that will vitalize world economy drastically. It's very simple. Why can't we do it that way immediately?
Because, most of the people in the world are brainwashed by the investors to believe that our wages are the COST. In order to survive in the international competitions, the companies have to reduce its running COSTs. That is the official reason and sounds like unavoidably justifiable reason.
Yet, if because of the international competitions, almost all the people in the world have to suffer from poverty, then such ridiculous international competition should be abolished or at least restricted.
All the people in the world should simply agree to implement the International Labor Treaty which forces all the company to distribute its profits to its workers at the specified percentage. If all the company in the world have to follow such International Labor Treaty, the reason for the necessity of reducing the wages for the survival of the company will disappear.
Of course, the prices will go up, but since the wages of workers will also go up and they will become huge buying power that will again give enough profit to the companies. Then the companies can raise the wages of worker more. Such positive cycle will start.
Yet, since the wages and prices are different in each country, and such differences of wages should not be reflected in the international competitions. For that, custom barriers should be kept in each country. Also basically demands and supply should be completed within each country and free international trade should be restricted. In this way, we can avoid to resume unnecessary international competitions again which may end up as the competition of cutting costs including the wages of workers.
Also in order to restrict unnecessary private accumulation of capital in fewer hands, a system of radical progressive taxation should be adopted in all the countries in the world so that wealth monopolized by them can be redistributed to the majority of the people. This may be the ideal economic system for our future. In order to materialize such system, we just have to raise our voices together in each and every county in the world and ask our government to ratify the International Labor Treaty to increase the wages of workers by reducing the return on capital for the reduction of the world wide wealth disparity.
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