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Hi everybody and welcome back to EEC! We’ll be looking at shapes this week! Or, more exactly, the word shape. Shape is often used to describe the condition of something. For example, you can be in good shape or you can be in bad shape. Which are you? If it’s the latter then you had better get into shape! Look below for more useful phrases using this word!


This issue’s theme: Shape


1 “We have a new employee starting today. It’s his first time doing sales but we’ll soon whip him into shape!”

2 “My doctor warned me that I’m out of shape. He told me to cut out drinking for a while and start jogging once or twice a week.”

3 “The new recruits are shaping up nicely. They’ll be able to start work after their training has finished.”

4 “I’ve been working on my report for a few hours now and it’s starting to take shape. I think it’ll be ready in time for the deadline.”

5 “I think every gadget having internet connectivity is the shape of things to come.


That’s it for this issue. Did you find something interesting? I certainly hope so. We’ll be back soon with another issue full of more interesting expressions and phrases. See you next time!