F1's back! Woohoo!


After what feels like forever, the 2024 F1 season is about to start with the first race weekend in Bahrain グラサン



The off-season was unusually exciting with drama and shock news, and the testing for the new cars last week was intriguing. A new car concept from Red Bull shows they're not afraid to take a gamble and innovate mid-way through the current era of car regulations.


This could be the only chance for other teams to catch up with last year's champions Red Bull.


If they can't, ... well the off-season may have been the most exciting part of the 2024 season. I'm not prepared to hear the Dutch national anthem at every race again プンプン



I always liked coffee shops for studying, Internet browsing or relaxing with a book. There are places, however, that offer more than a pause during a busy day, surrounded by coffee aroma and mellow sounds. The other day, while having a stroll along Meguro River I came across a Starbucks roastery. It quickly caught my attention and I hurried to check it out. It felt more like a modern art museum with its extravagant interiors and state-of-the-art heavy machinery. Quite a sight to behold! It offered a selection of mouth-watering food from various sandwiches and veggie quiche to freshly roasted coffee beverages. As you might expect, coffee and food come at quite hefty prices but it’s worth your while when you’re on your special day out and feel like having a refreshing break.







It was only last week that we had snow in Tokyo and I found this little guy:



And yet here we are this week looking at temperatures of over 16 degrees. And looking at my weather app next week we have daytime highs of 21 and lows of 7 degrees all within the span of a few days!


Clearly this is the often overlooked 5th season of Japan - Fake Spring. And after real Spring we have rainy season - the 6th season? Of course after Summer we then have typhoon season. So that makes 7 seasons? But recently I feel Autumn only lasts about a week or so. So back down to 6 seasons ... ?


Whatever. All these temperature changes sure make it difficult to know what to wear. Do I take a light jacket and freeze in the evenings? Or do I take a warmer jacket for the evening and sweat it out during the day?



One thing I was unaware of for a long time while living in Tokyo was how dry winters were over here. I often noticed how parched my hands and lips were but I usually put it down to windy weather and low temperatures. It was until I took a walk around my neighbourhood and saw how much the landscape had changed with drastically decreased water levels. We did have a day or two of snow but it's now as good as gone and we should probably watch for a continuation of drought. 

Well, those moisturizers and the recommended 2.7 litres per day actually make a lot of sense.







Wow, what a thrilling performance. It's hard not to be impressed by the genuine talent and bravery these amazing artists and daredevils have.


Unfortunately I coulnd't take photos during the show, so you'll have make do with empty shot of the circus ring.



That ball at the back had motorcycles whizzing around it later on. Pretty thrilling stuff.


I highly recommend going to see it if you can!