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Hello there! Welcome back to a sleepy issue of e.Front’s English Corner. Yes, that’s right. We’ll be looking at the word sleep in this issue. There are quite a few different phrases using this word that can be used in many common situations. For example: sleeping over at a person’s house or if you’re unlucky in life then you may even end up sleeping rough! Read on below to see the other useful phrases!


This issue’s word: Sleep


1 “The dog was so ill that the only choice was to put it to sleep.”

2 “It’s a tough decision to make. I’ll sleep on it and tell you my decision tomorrow.”

3 “At bedtime I always give my kids a kiss on the cheek and tell them to sleep tight.”

4 “He’s had a few beers too many, but don’t worry; he just needs to sleep it off. He’ll be fine.”

5 “Sorry, it’s been fun but I have to leave early tonight. I need to get my beauty sleep.”


Well, that’s it for this week. I hope you paid attention and didn’t sleep through this issue! But if you did then don’t lose sleep over it as we’ll have another issue full of interesting phrases waiting for you in a few weeks! See you next time!