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2017-07-13 20:18:51

安倍首相の本気度が試されるメディアへの対抗策Prime Minister Abe’s Comm.

Prime Minister Abe’s Commitment to Deal with Media Being Tested
A Portion of the Media Fiercely Biased
Bare-Knuckled Campaign to Overthrow Prime Minister in Overdrive
【ニッポンの新常識】Common Knowledge Revisited 124
 The local political party “Tokyo Residents First Group” headed by Tokyo governor Yuriko Koike won an unexpectedly large victory in the Tokyo metropolitan assembly election held on July 2nd, garnering 55 seats, including new party members who joined after the election.

 With this election, it became clear that a large portion of the media is in overdrive with its bare-knuckled campaign to overthrow Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, who has made clear his intention to amend the constitution. By contrast, the cabinet and the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) are unguarded and on the defensive.
 A portion of the media is fiercely biased with reports made solely for the purpose of image manipulation, as they breathlessly report any information which may damage the Abe administration regardless of whether it includes any illegality or is backed by any evidence and at the same time basically refuse to report any information which is advantageous [to the administration].
 The “Kaku Gakuen” issue is a case in point. Democratic Party (DP) diet member Yuichiro Tamaki who is leading the pursuit of this issue has close connections with the Japan Veterinarians Association which violently opposes the establishment of a new veterinary department. However, a majority of the media has ignored this.
 When Prime Minister Abe spoke in front of Akihabara Station during the metropolitan assembly election, some people called out “Go Home!” or “Abe Resign!” and displayed a huge banner, all election campaign obstruction [which is illegal].
 In response, Prime Minister Abe said, “We must not give in to these people.” Many people listening to him speak must have felt great satisfaction. However, news shows ignored the election law violations and only criticized the prime minister.
 Many television stations are not in compliance with Article 4(4) of the Broadcast Law which requires that broadcasters must “clarify the points at issue from as many angles as possible where there are conflicting opinions concerning an issue.” It seems clear that they really do think that their job is to guide public opinion through image manipulation.

 I think Prime Minister Abe should come up with a serious policy to deal with the media. Key flagship terrestrial television stations pay just a few tens of millions of dollars per year to use the air waves. In other words, they exemplify vested interests protected by bedrock regulation.

 It is not necessary to cancel the license or block broadcasting by broadcasters who have no intention of obeying the Broadcast Law. It is sufficient just to put their rights to use the air waves up for auction. In exchange, I think Broadcast Law Art. 4, which requires “political fairness,” could be abolished.

 I would also like to work with television manufacturers. Remote controls are divided into “terrestrial,” “BS [broadcast satellite]” and “CS [communication satellite]” sections [with the default setting being “terrestrial], which is very inconvenient. Access to a seamless programming schedule, including internet broadcasters, would no doubt increase the media literacy of viewers.

 I also have a suggestion for the upcoming cabinet reshuffle. To break the current deadlock, I suggest a bold move to put the right man in the right job with Shigeharu Aoyama as defense minister, Yoichi Takahashi as finance minister, and Tohru Hashimoto as minister of justice.
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