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2017-02-20 17:07:54

零戦プロジェクト Zero Fighter Project


Zero Fighter Project
Despite Difficulties, Flight Achieved in Japanese Skies after 72 Years
【ニッポンの新常識】Common Knowledge Revisited 104
 The Zero Fighter was the main fighter airplane for the Japanese Imperial Navy during the Greater East Asia War [World War II). 1940, the year when it was formally adopted, was year 2600 of the Imperial Era, so it was named the “Type Zero Carrier Fighter” after the last two digits in the number of the year.

 “Zero” is English, so people who are particular about such things call it “reisen” [“Rei Fighter”; zero is “rei” in Japanese]. However, during the war when the use of English was prohibited, it was not unusual for Japanese people to call it “Zero Sen.”

 When it was first deployed in combat, except for defensive capabilities, it was superior in almost every aspect, namely maneuverability, flight range, speed, and armaments, to the fighters of the United States and other allied nations.

 米空軍は42年7月、アリューシャン列島アクタン島に不時着した零戦を手に入れて、徹底的にテスト飛行をした。そして、12月には「Never attempt dog fight Zero(零戦に空中戦を挑むな)」と報告している。飛行機の発明国として屈辱だったはずだ。
 In July 1942, the U.S. military obtained a Zero Fighter which had ditched on Akutan Island in the Aleutians and carried out extensive trial flights with it. And it reported in December “Never attempt to dog fight the Zero.”

 Thereafter, the U.S. also developed advanced fighters and studied ways to strike the weaknesses of the Zero, so that from the middle of the war on the number of Zeros shot down greatly increased. Then toward the end of the war, these airplanes were used for kamikaze attacks, further depleting their numbers. The aircraft remaining at the end of the war were destroyed by GHQ (General Headquarters of the Supreme Commander for the Allied Powers).

 For that reason, there are only 4 Zero airplanes in the world which have been preserved in a functional condition and are capable of actually flying. All of them are in the United States.

 One is owned personally by a Japanese businessman named Masahide Ishizuka. In 2007, Mr. Ishizuka, who usually lives in New Zealand, started the “Zero Fighter Homecoming Project.” He expended a large amount of his own money to restore and maintain the Zero Fighter and was finally able to import it through the port in Yokohama in September 2014.

 He overcame numerous obstacles worthy of a novel by Naoki Hyakuta in getting customs clearance and obtaining flight certification under the aviation laws. Then on January 27, 2016, it took off from a Maritime Self-Defense Forces base in Kagoshima and flew for the first time in 72 years over its homeland.

 Mr. Ishizuka left Japan at age 19 and started his own successful business, but he is not extremely wealthy. He raised funds last year partly through crowd funding on the internet, but he met misfortune when the air show in which he was to participate was cancelled due to the Kumamoto earthquake and he was unable to make a demonstration flight in the Red Bull Air Race [in Chiba] due to the poor health of his U.S. pilot.

 In the absence of a major corporate sponsor, he is planning to set up a foundation to carry on the project. If that is not successful, then he is considering whether to accept defeat gracefully and sell the airplane. Your ideas and cooperation would be greatly appreciated.







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2017-02-15 21:18:40

「外国人の政治活動は違法」というデマ “Political Activities by ...


“Political Activities by Foreigners Are Illegal” Is a Falsehood
No Evidence U.S. Military Spies Were Aware of Any “Rape of Nanking”
【ニッポンの新常識】 Common Knowledge Revisited 103

 On February 5th, a [small] demonstration against the placement of a book which denies the so-called Rape of Nanking in the rooms of the APA Hotel chain was held in Shinjuku, Tokyo. The participants were citizens of the People’s Republic of China (PRC) resident in Japan.

 Thereafter, I saw entries on the internet to the effect that “demonstrations and political activities by foreigners are against the law” or that “the demonstrators should be arrested and thrown out of the country.”

 If I, as an American, were to participate in a demonstration advocating “the overthrow of dictatorial one-party rule by the Chinese communist party” within the PRC, which is the home country of these demonstrators, would I be thrown out of the country or imprisoned? In the PRC, there is no freedom of expression or freedom to participate in political activities for foreigners or anyone else.

 However, in the democratic country of Japan, there is no chance that even if I were to participate in a demonstration advocating “the deletion of Article 9(2) from the Japanese Constitution” I would be thrown out of the country or imprisoned. Any country which does not recognize the right to demonstrate or participate in political activities, which is an integral part of freedom of expression, on the basis that “the demonstrator is a foreigner” is not a democratic country.

 It must be noted, however, that there is a limit to the free participation in political activities by foreigners. Under customary international law, there is no guarantee of the right of foreigners to “enter the country.”

 In the 1978 ruling by the Japanese Supreme Court in the case of “Ronald McLean v the Minister of Justice,” it was held that while political activities by foreigners are legal and protected by the constitution, it is constitutional to deny an extension of permission to stay in Japan based on such activities.
[See: http://www.yoshabunko.com/citizenship/McLean_v_MOJ_1978.html]

As a result, I would have no standing to protest a denial of an extension of my visa in the event that a Communist regime came to power in Japan. However, that doesn’t matter because I would not want to remain in Japan under such circumstances.

 For some reason, on the internet this court decision has been misinterpreted to mean that “political activities of foreigners are illegal.” This is an age when each individual needs to have high media literacy (meaning the ability to properly ascertain the veracity of media information).

 I will touch upon the so-called Rape of Nanking.

 A reading of U.S. secret documents released after the war shows that the U.S. military had an extensive spy network in continental China long before the beginning of the war.

 On December 3, 1937, approximately one month after the Japanese military brought about the fall of Shanghai, General Iwane Matsui led a military parade on the “Nanking Road” in the Shanghai Concession. At that time there were some terrorist bombing incidents, but the U.S. was fully aware of the names and ranks of all the officers who dealt with the incidents and not only their actions but their personal relationships and even the jokes they exchanged. There were probably spies inside the Japanese military, too.

 However, in the final report of the U.S. government “Nazi War Crimes and Japanese Imperial Government Records Interagency Working Group,” on which the U.S. government spent 30 million dollars and which took eight years to complete, there was no evidence found that the U.S. military was aware of any “Rape of Nanking” or “Nanking Massacre.”
[See: https://www.archives.gov/iwg/reports/final-report-2007.html]

 Was the U.S. military spy network totally ineffective? I am anxious to see what documents were registered in the “UNESCO Memory of the World Register.”







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2017-02-13 23:16:44

「ニュース女子」騒動と朝日社説 “News Girls” Controversy and...



“News Girls” Controversy and Asahi Newspaper Editorial
No Contrition for False Stories about Comfort Women Still Circulated Abroad



【ニッポンの新常識】Common Knowledge Revisited 102

[For the information of foreign readers, Norikoe Netto is a citizens organization dedicated to eradicating hate speech and racism against Korean residents of Japan. Shin Su-gok is a third-generation Korean resident (non-citizen) of Japan, and is the nominal head of this organization. This organization has participated in anti-U.S. base demonstrations in Japan on the theory that the existence of the U.S. military bases is discrimination against the so-called Okinawan ethnic minority, a distinction which is not supported either in fact or in public opinion.

The Asahi Newspaper over a period of years published unsubstantiated, and thereafter thoroughly discredited, accounts of the so-called forced conscription by the Japanese military of Korean women to serve as prostitutes for Japanese troops during World War II. While retracting the offending accounts, it has not offered an apology.]

 Asahi Newspaper, in an editorial on January 28th, criticized a DHC Theater “News Girls” broadcast on Tokyo MX Television. I will delete the first part.


 “Running a program which is not based on fact and which creates prejudice and discrimination against specific people should not have occurred.”


 I will explain later why Asahi Newspaper has no standing to be criticizing Tokyo MX TV or DHC Theater. The editorial continues as follows.


 “Shin Su-gok of the citizens group ‘Norikoe Netto’ [Overcome Network], which has been supporting the opposition movement [in Okinawa], has filed a complaint with the Broadcasting Ethics and Program Improvement Organization (BPO) broadcast human rights committee alleging human rights violations.


 In the Takae district of Okinawa, helipads have been constructed so that [U.S. military] control of 4,010 hectares of the 7,543 hectare [U.S. Marine] Northern Training Area could be released. This construction was necessary so that the “base could be returned to Japanese control” as desired by both Japan and the U.S. Some persons not possessing either Japanese or U.S. citizenship have regarded this as a problem. I can understand that some portions of the media have questions.


 In a video posted on YouTube, Shin has admitted that some Korean residents of Japan were included in the opposition movement. Regarding helicopters ferrying supplies to Takae, she advocated the “release of balloons” or “sending [obstuctionist] gliders aloft.” What if this were to cause a helicopter crash?


 Some residents of Takae complain that extreme opposition activities by people from outside Okinawa Prefecture are trouble. It is a fact that Norikoe Netto,” of which Shin is a joint representative, recruited “special activists” who were offered round-trip airfare [to go to Okinawa and participate in opposition activities] in the amount of 50,000 yen.


 Now for the summation of the Asahi Newspaper editorial.

 “Using broadcasts to incite friction or create divisions among the people must be vigorously denounced.”


 Pursuant to the research of Tesuhide Yamaoka, who succeeded in stopping the construction of a comfort woman statue in Australia, I took a look at the Asahi Newspaper English site of January 26th.


 朝日は、日本語では単に「慰安婦」と書く部分を、英語では「women who were forced to provide sex to Japanese troops」(日本兵にセックスを強制された女性)と表現していた。
 In Japanese, the Asahi Newspaper refers to these women only as “comfort women,” but in English they are referred to as “women who were forced to provide sex to Japanese troops.”


 Asahi shows no contrition for its false reports on comfort women, but rather continues to spread abroad “English which incites discrimination and prejudice against Japanese people without any basis in fact.” I think the Asahi Newspaper itself is the one who should be the object of criticism here.









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