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2017-07-12 20:31:13

小池都政を「評価する」人々は大矛盾に気付け To Koike Supporters: See..

To Koike Supporters: See the Inconsistencies
Toyosu Was Safe from the Start
Five Million Yen Is Being Lost Every Day
【ニッポンの新常識】Common Knowledge Revisited 123
The Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly election will be held on July 2nd. 259 candidates are running for office in 42 districts, to fill 127 seats.

 In this election, the regional “Tomin [Tokyo Citizens] First” (or “Koike New Party”) political party headed up by Tokyo governor Yuriko Koike, who left the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP), is drawing a great deal of attention. This is the first election for this new party, and it is fielding 50 official candidates. Many candidates are people who left the LDP or the Democratic Party (DP) and therefore were unaffiliated. There are also some current members of the assembly who have given up on their former party affiliation.

 Television and newspapers are predicting that the new party will take a majority of the seats because of Koike’s popularity. If the stagnated metropolitan government administration can be rejuvenated to function normally, then there is no problem.

 On the other hand, there are lots of posts on Twitter, etc. where people who supported Ms. Koike in the gubernatorial race satirize the current race as “Election First” or “Koike First” and “Tomin Worst.” I was amused by one where the name of the party was abbreviated to “Toichi.” [The term “toichi” when expressed in katakana brings to mind a perjorative term concerning black market loans where it means “one tenth (10%) interest per ten days.”]

 As an aside, I was reminded that the Japanese language provides for much flexibility in spelling, making it a perfect language for creating propaganda labels.

 On the “Sankei News” website (as of June 28th), in response to a question about “Koike’s management of the Tokyo government,” 27% expressed approval and 66% expressed disapproval with 8% undecided.

 In response to a question about “moving the Tsukiji fish market to Toyosu,” 82% were in favor, 10% were opposed, and 8% were undecided.

 My opinion is the same as the majority, i.e., disapproval of Koike but approval of moving the fish market. If anyone has a directly opposite opinion, it results from a lack of information.

 For example, the delay in moving the fish market is costing 5 million yen per day. If there were a scientific reason to delay the move [such as that it is unsafe], that would be fine, but from the very beginning, Toyosu was declared safe. Koike received a report from experts on January 20th that the new market is safe, but she delayed making that report public for more than one month. I suppose she did not want to reassure the citizens [for political reasons].

 To begin with, the open air Tsukiji Market cannot control temperature adequately, has mice and crows, and cannot keep out wind-whipped rain or exhaust gasses. Every time I hear her talk about “wise spending” I cannot help laughing.

 I recommend reading Journalist Kaori Arimoto’s book “’Koike Theatrics’ Will Destroy Japan” (Gensosha). I also recommend looking at third-generation wholesaler Yoshikatsu Ikuta’s YouTube entry (https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLBpcCcLFzLznrtjsomC_tSXGkxOUSwDgQ) to hear the opinions of the parties actually affected. I expect you will be disturbed by the attempts of the media to guide public opinion through controlling information [on this topic].

 Koike talks of bringing transparency to the metropolitan government administration, but her new proposal to move the market to Toyosu while [instead of selling the Tsukiji Market as per the original plan] turning the Tsukiji Market into a “Food Theme Park” came suddenly out of the blue [and just before the election] from her own “black box.” People who do not realize the inconsistency must be blind or something.
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