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2017-06-12 21:06:47

一橋大学での百田尚樹氏の講演会中止と表現の自由 Cancellation of Naoki...

Cancellation of Naoki Hyakuta Speech at Hitotsubashi University and Freedom of Expression
Unfortunate Incident a Blot on a Proud Tradition
【ニッポンの新常識】Common Knowledge Revisited 120
 A speech by author Naoki Hyakuta scheduled to be held as part of the “Kodaira-sai” festival at Hitotsubashi University was cancelled due to pressure from some current students in concert with certain external forces.

 Hitotsubashi University is a comparatively small national university with a campus in Kunitachi City, Tokyo comprised of four colleges of commerce, economics, law and sociology. It is a prestigious institution which has produced many prominent members of political, business, and bureaucratic society. At the end of the Meiji Era and during the prewar years, not only the teachers but also students and alumni united to resist the ministry of education and ministry of finance which supported Tokyo Imperial University, and advanced from a commercial school to a university, winning the right to continue in existence.

 In the best meaning of the term, it has a liberal school spirit, as can be seen from the fact that former Tokyo governor Shintaro Ishihara and former Nagano Prefecture governor Yasuo Tanaka are counted among its alumni.

 In December 2016, I was invited by “Shin Sanmoku-kai,” an alumni group which is comprised chiefly of graduates of Hitotsubashi University, to speak at Josui Kaikan [Josui Hall] located in Hitotsubashi, Chiyoda-ku. As a result, I am fully aware of the excellence of the alumni as evidenced by the questions posed in the question and answer session and conversations with the participants. That is why I view this incident as an unfortunate blot on the proud reputation and traditions of this prestigious university brought about by a minority of current students.

 An indispensable human right for any democratic nation is “freedom of speech.” The U.S. Constitution guarantees this right in Amendment 1, and the Japanese Constitution provides in Article 21(1) that “freedom of assembly and association as well as speech, press and all other forms of expression are guaranteed.”

 Democracy is a system which assumes that the people will necessarily have differing opinions, and that the people will necessarily make mistakes. “Freedom of speech” is guaranteed in order that differences can be resolved and mistakes corrected, and an environment in which anyone can freely advocate or argue a position is therefore indispensable.

 The idea that one’s own opinions can be shouted from the rooftops but others can be deprived of the opportunity to speak is the same as that of a totalitarian dictator, and in a democratic society, it is an infantile idea, one which must be rejected most vigorously.

 According to press reports, the group which furiously opposed Mr. Hyakuta’s speech was an NGO which purported to be “anti-racist.” The leader of this group is a graduate student at the university.

 I respect freedom of association, but it can also be said that the students at a national university are being given the opportunity to learn due to the good graces of the Japanese taxpayers, including me. How are we to view activities which deprive others of “freedom of speech?” I have the impression that the liberal school spirit of Hitotsubashi University has been usurped and misused by people with an invidious agenda.

 Not only Hitotsubashi University but all universities exist to nurture talent which can contribute to the national interests of Japan. It is said that at their opening and graduation ceremonies, some national universities do not display the Japanese national flag or sing the national anthem. That is a most unfortunate misplacement of priorities, and the height of absurdity.

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