大まかには同意見です - そして、以下はその関連です。
Diana WojtkowiakGdańsk,Poland,7 May 2024
本論文では、ウイルスの感染性と攻撃性に関連して、SARS Cov-2の前身であるSARS-CoVが用いるキナーゼ経路が、健康な動物やヒトの細胞でマイクロ波によって活性化される経路と同じであることを示した。この知見は、実験的研究に基づくもので、すでに何年も前に複数の科学者によって科学文献に記載されている。
Broadly I agree – and the below relates
60 Ghz microwave radiation is absorbed by the 02 molecule and then is cannot be absorbed by the haemoglobin
And 18 Ghz I think causes symptoms like ebola
And the  below is interesting too:
The link between the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic and the 5G network Diana WojtkowiakGdańsk,Poland,7 May 2024
 Abstract The aim of this paper is to clarify the problem which is currently the topic of a heated social discussion and explain whether it is accidental that the location of the new 5G network has overlapped with the biggest outbreaks of the COVID-19 pandemic in the first months of 2020. This paper shows that in relation to viral infectivity and aggressiveness, kinase pathways used by the predecessor of SARS Cov-2, i.e. SARS-CoV, are the same pathways which are activated by microwaves in healthy animal and human cells. This knowledge, based on experimental studies, has already been described in scientific literature many years ago by multiple scientists
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Hello, I'm a new member of the Spanish flu community and I'd like to share with you the following

The truth about Spanish flu
The Spanish flu was caused by the electromagnetic waves of the US Army Radio Liaison Corps. It was spread all over the world at once by the frequency of shortwave broadcasting. (Mystery of the simultaneous worldwide occurrence ↑↑↑)
Mystery of Spanish flu (you may already know?)

The first Spanish flu occurred in the U.S., and when the U.S. military landed in Spain, it spread all over Europe at once.

Experiencing microwaves (artificial electromagnetic waves) for the first time, people developed very severe cold symptoms and many people died.

It took two years to get used to the frequencies (the Spanish flu raged for two winters).

This time, the corona appears to be the start of 5Gsub6. Corona started in Wuhan is a total lie.

5G millimeter wave was commercialized earliest in Korea and the US (Spring 2019). That was the onslaught of Spanish flu in the US in fall/winter 2019 for that (← deaths were terrible) interstitial pneumonia depending on 5G millimeter waves.

Around February 2020 there was a movement to tear down 5Gsub6 towers in the U.K. 5Gsub6 was only a little higher frequency than 4G, but it was an unprecedented frequency and many people died of pneumonia.
People realized that 5Gsub6 tower was the culprit. Radio engineers accused the 5Gsub6 tower of being the culprit.

Both in 5G millimeter wave and 5Gsub6, many people died of interstitial pneumonia. (This is very important, both in 5G millimeter wave and in 5Gsub6.) Unknown frequencies are a big problem.

So, please take care.

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