Some friends have already known.
We were not going to secret in particular.


We'll have a new family member soon!!!

Expected date is 6/4. We have heard our baby is a boy.I'm in the nine months of pregnancy now. We can't believe we hold a baby within 2 months. I have only sisters, not brothers, so my parents are very excited. On the other hand, my parents-in-lows have only sons, so they seems have a baby girl though they are also excited to see their grandchild.

The condition of my health is very well.
Of course I had morning sickness in the early stage of pregnancy, but it would not be bad. I think it is normal. In here Japan, during the period of morning sickness, expectant mothers tend to want to eat french fries. マックポテト I don't know why women wanna eat them, but without exception I wanted eat them during this period. I thought to eat french fries were not good for my health, so I made some potato foods like potato salad, hushed potato, German potato, and so on when I was well. I guess my husband would get tired of them. あせる

お世話になっている方たちにはすでにお伝えしたのですが、もうすぐ家族が増えます。6月の頭が予定日なんですが、正産期に入ったらいつ出てきても良いとのことなので、早いと来月にはもう抱いてるの!?と思うと会えるのが楽しみながらも戦々恐々(笑) 男の子であろうといわれているのですが、私自身、姉妹だけなので実両親は男孫に非常に喜んでいます。一方義両親のところは兄弟だったので、本音のところは女の子が良かったような感じかと。もちろん孫の誕生を今か今かと楽しみに待っていてくれていますが。

妊娠初期のつわりもおそらく人並みで、9か月の今もそこそこ健康。ここまで大きなトラブルもなくきたので、このまま出産へと進んでいきたいものです。つわりといえば、マクドのポテトが食べたくなる!!!とよく耳にしていましたが、心の中で「そんなジャンクなもの食べられるけないやろー」と思っていたのですが、いざ自分が妊娠すると不思議なもんで、例外にもれず芋が恋しくなりましたwww マクドのポテトではなんとなく不健康そうな感じがしたので、具合が良い時は芋料理をせっせと作ってました。多分、頻繁に出てくる芋料理に主人は辟易したに違いない(笑)

Happy Birthday

In this month, my father turns 60th.
We celebrated his birthday one day.

My younger sister family brought a cake with big 60!!ケーキ


I and hubby presented him a red-brick working cloth for farm work after his retirement. My family had fields of rice and other crops. My father thinks he wants to concentrate for rice cultivation and farming after his retirement.

Working cloth

Happy birthday dad!!


Valentine's Day

I remembered it was a snow day on last valentine's day. I baked a chocolate cake for my husband and he didn't buy a rose because of snow. We take American valentine's custom and Japanese custom usually on valentine's day. I bake something like chocolates and he gives me a rose. He requested chocolate chips cookies in this year, I thought it was too easy to bake(lucky!! lol).

I baked them on Friday because I wanted to secret him to prepare for valentine. I thought he might forget to get a rose or might not buy it because valentine's day was Saturday in this year(he always buys flowers way to home from job). Therefore I didn't expect it at all.


A Rose

He bought it!!!!!

I was really amazed.
He didn't forget!!!!!

我が家のバレンタインデーは付き合っていた時からアメリカ方式と日本方式のオリジナルでやってますww アメリカだと、男の子からたいていバラを女の子に渡すのが主流。んで、バレンタインディナー。女の子は特に何かプレゼントするって感じではありません。ホワイトデーもなし。我が家は、旦那がバラを用意し私が何かチョコレートのお菓子を用意するスタイル。その代わりホワイトデーはなし。

昨年は大雪で早めに帰宅したので旦那からのバラはなし。で、私はチョコレートケーキを焼いたのだけれど、今年のリクエストはチョコレートチップクッキー。そんな簡単なものでいいの!ラッキー!!と思ったのはここだけの話(笑) バラは正直期待してなかった。バレンタイン当日は土曜日だし、普段仕事帰りに花とかは買ってくるから、今回は忘れているか土曜日が当日だから買われへんかったーって言われるだろうなと思って。が、意外や意外。金曜日、帰宅した旦那の手にはバラ!!!驚いた!驚いた!!!!!

Memorial Service

2 years ago, my grandfather past away.
He was 87 year old. He got a car accident and he broke his left side of neck of femur. He got surgery and receive rehabilitation training, but he couldn't walk again. He was discharged from the hospital he stayed in a nursing home. He had a his last time at the facility and after for 4 months since he had moved in there, he finished his life.

Early of this month, we went to my hometown to attend grandpa's second memorial service. Usually our relatives meet a temple that houses our family grave and holed service. However, in this time we invited a monk and received a sutra. Because my grandpa wanted to go back to our house while he was in the facility, so we thought he probably wanted to have his memorial service at our house.

As a result, this plan was success.
Grandpa's siblings and nieces & nephews looked very peaceful and happy. They were talking about his memories and there parents' (My great grand parents) memories. There were a lot of story which I never heard. like...... My great grandma always talked her husband was very handsome man and also my great grandpa talked when he was in the front he was asked to marry by local girls because he was a good looking guy. にひひ

Having a kind of anniversaries like a wedding, baby shower, funeral, memorial service and so on connects person and person. The relatives lived different places, so these anniversaries are good opportunity to have reunion.

2年前に他界した祖父の三回忌がありまして、先日夫婦で帰省してきました。最期を施設で迎えた祖父は常々「家へ帰りたい」とこぼしていたので、普段はお寺で法要をし料理屋さんへと移動するのですが、今回は自宅に僧正様を招いてお経をあげていただき、そのまま食事という形にしました。 祖父の兄弟、甥姪が集まり人数も多かったのでどうなることかと思っていたけれど、結果的には良い法事となりました。 大叔父、大叔母から曾祖母の惚気話が出たり(曾祖父はとてもいい男だったといつも曽祖母は自慢げに話していたとか)、それを裏付けるかように戦時中、戦地に赴いていた曾祖父は現地の女性たちから求婚されて、既婚者だからと断っただとか、初めて耳にする話もあって曾祖父母や祖父をより近くに感じられる時間でした。




Happy New Year!!

Well.... I know it's February......ガーン

The first month of this year was terrible.
We have been to Osaka Dec, 30th, 2014 to spend new year's eve and new year's day with Family-in-low. After visiting Osaka, we have been to my hometown for new year greeting. We had lots of fun with both family and it was great time.

Then we were back to reality. Our first day of business in the new year was Jan 5th. We thought it was good holidays and we charged energy to new year. But..... the first week of Jan, we cought cold. カゼ We thought it would be get well about 1 week. Although it was too easygoing. I got better about 2 weeks and most symptoms were gone except coughing and my hubby, well I was sorry for him, coz he got flu!!!!! Even though he didn't get better the cold that we cought early of the month.
We finally get well this week. We took too long time to recover from cold. I don't know why, prob our age....?ショック!

年末年始はお互いの実家で楽しい時間を過ごして、リフレッシュしての仕事はじめ。順調に今年も始められた!!と思いきや、年明け早々夫婦で風邪をひき、なかなか治らず結局完治したのはつい最近(汗) 旦那にいたって年の初めにひいた風邪が治る前になんとインフルエンザに罹るっていうミラクルを起こしましたww 




I have left this blog for about 2 years, haven't I ?
There were some big changes while I was leaving a blog.

I moved out from my hometown and got married to bf on Oct 2012.


Yes, we finally married.

A year later, Fall 2013, we had a wedding ceremony and reception at Yokohama. We could see our old friends and relatives. It was a heart-warming wedding. But one thing... I had a regret. I lost my grandpa on Feb 2013. I wanted him to attend our wedding..... He would be glad to see us.

After wedding reception, we went to Hawaii for honey moon. It was first time for us to visit Hawaii. We knew there were differences between main land and Hawaii but their smells, landscape, life style and so on were enough for us to remind our life in MI. We missed MI a lot.

Roughly writing, there were things what happened while I was leaving.
I can't say surely but I'll try to keep writing the blog to brush up my English.

out of season

I was seauching for my pictures file, I found some pics which I took in this Spring. I know these are unseasonable pictures in the Summer, but it's such a chance to upload these pics today.

Smile maker-Violet


Smile maker-Plumed thistle

Plumed thistle

Those ware taken at my grandma's house(Mother's side).

Smile maker-Azalea


Smile maker-Daffodil


Those were from my garden and reared by my grandpa.

Spring in Japan is this flower.

Smile maker-Cherry blossom

Cherry blossom

It it my favorite flower, too.ニコニコ
I really missed this senery while I was in MI..

Totally forgot

I totally forgot this blog....
Let's update for last 6 months.

I reported I started my career in Japan. Yes, I was hired. I conducted few MT sessions, but since April I didn't have any information about new sessions. It meant the agancy didn't provide facilities for MT sessions to me. Well, it because there are no new facilities for sessions around my hometown. I knew it before starting this job, so there was no dissapointments. More over, my thoughs about music therapy are different from my boss at the agancy, This is a huge stressor for me. Therefore, I'm thinking to leave from this agancy after getting marry and try to find the other job at new place.

Yes, I'll marry my bf in this year. ラブラブ
He has already met my parents and we got a permission from them. I'll going to his hometown mid of this month to get a permission for our marirage. Then we are thinking to submit a notification of our marriage as soon as possible.

My life must change next 6 months.
It's exciting but also nervous.
I'm sure I can enjoy this change and there is no worries though.

Now my jobs are providing the piano lesson for kids and taking care of my grandma with Dementia.. Until May, my grandpa and grandma lived with together and took care of themselves(They lived in right next my house), but he got a car accident and he has still hospitalized. Her dementia isn't severe, but sometimes the symptoms are appeared very markedly, So our family asked her to live in our house together and decided taking care of her.

These are main things what happend for last 6 months.

Since I've been back to Japan, I was looking for MT job. Of course I wanted to get full-time job as MT, but I knew it was very hard to find it.

I don't know well yet, but I think there are 2 types of MT in Japan; MT that hired by a facility like a nursing home, a hospital etc... and MT that hired by an employment agency for music therapists. There is MT that is private practice also, but it might be very few in Japan I guess.

The former is very difficult to get a position. Because there are few facilities to provide MT service for their clients and most of their positions are taken already. However, these facilities think Music therapy could be used and effective for one of treatment choices for their clients.

On the other hand, MT that hired by employment agency is easier way to get a job than facility MT. Employment agency for MT contracted facilities, especially, nursing home, day care and so on. Their marketing target is geriatric population. They provide MTs to facilities. These MT contract with the agency.

Okay, I'll talk myself.
I had an interview for contracted MT by the employment agency for MT. Yes, I try to find MT job in Japan. I observed a music therapy session which was conducted by the president in this agency in this week. Then the agency will provide a facility and I'm gonna have a session someday in this months. The president will come to observe it and he'll determine hire or not hire me. I'm comfortable to conduct a session, so it is not a big deal that I'll have a session and be observed.

One thing that I can't understand and I feel sounds ridiculous is

Making a session plan and create goal/objective without assessing.

I thought "How come to do session without assessing!?"
According to the president of the agency, in most of facilities they don't provide clients information due to protect privacy, MTs don't know clients' diagnosis, their strength/weakness in mental/physical functions. This wired thing might be happened because we don't have a specific rule/regulation for saving privacy like HIPPA in the States.

In my opinion, MT must assess and observe client and create goal/objectives. And then make activities for session. That is therapeutic way. Some MT told me that my opinion is an ideal and every MT has to do that. But can' get information enough is reality right now. Most of facilities don't wanna have music therapy session as a treatment tool, they just have like recreation time with music include little bit therapeutic things. We, employed MT provide fun time with music to get salary = to keep our lives.


I have totally no idea whether I can create session plan and goal/objective without having assessment. I know I must create it for clients, but.....


I must compromise in Japan...................

Pictures from my hometown

Since I have been back to Japan, I kept taking some pictures in my hometown. I just took pictures that I thought something fresh to me. I know I have seen some view from pictures since my childhood. But some of them are missed scenery for me due to living abroad.

Here are pictures.

Smile maker-ワッフル

My buddy, Waffle. He is Schipperke.

Smile maker-猫

We can find alley cats easily.

Smile maker-コスモス

Flower in fall, Cosmos.

Smile maker-Lost and Found

I found it while I was walking with Waffle.
Might be "Lost and Found"

Smile maker-山

These three mountains are symbols in my town..

Smile maker-彼岸花

Spider lily, it is also a flower in fall.