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Ploum ploum un deux trois



We are pleased to announce that we are hositing Jolly Grammar training on April 29th.
Ms. Ueda, one of the two official trainers from Japan, is going to conduct the training both in Japanese and English.


Please visit the Jolly learning official site for the information about this Jolly Grammar training.


What is Jolly Grammar

Jolly Grammar is the next stage, after a first year with Jolly Phonics. The materials provide guidance and resources to help teach grammar to children; it is active and multi-sensory, with emphasis on consolidating the children’s knowledge from Jolly Phonics and helping them develop an understanding of how grammar works.


This time you are so lucky; our Jolly Grammar training enable anyone who is interested in Jolly Learning to join this training, even if you haven't taken a Jolly Phonicstraining course.

Also, we are going to show you how we introduce Jolly Phonics to our lessons.


We would say that this training is highly useful to assistants of teaching English for elementary schools or English teachers fo r children.

【講座の内容 / Contents】

日時: 4月29日(水)祝日10:00~16:30  Date: April 29th Wenesday

講座料金: ¥12,960(税込) Fee: \12,960

場所: イングリッシュスクールココロ 大州校 Venue: Cocoro English School

     広島市南区大州5-3-31 ✆082-283-5282 ✉

5-3-31 Ozu Minamiku, Hiroshima, Hiroshima, Japan

(1)Jolly Phonics Review


(2)Advanced Codes in Jolly Grammar 1


(3)Grammar (Dictionary skills, vowels, Parts of Speech, Plural, Tense,
Punctuation and Capitalization, Consonant Blends)


This Training will be given in English and Japanese languages.



We definitely hope that you will join our Jolly Grammar training.

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