Information for Foreigners of Rose Art Course | 札幌 曼荼羅・結晶の花・薔薇アート・パステルで自分時間「みつめていくこと」IKUKO

札幌 曼荼羅・結晶の花・薔薇アート・パステルで自分時間「みつめていくこと」IKUKO


【Love Rose Art Course】        
I've been drawing roses since July of 2015, with aiming to make it more beautiful and real. In the beginning, I wasn't so good as I expected. But I achieved the techniques step by step. And my roses have improved little by little.        

In this art course, I will show you how to draw roses (eraser work), which I fortunately found in my experience as an artist. The drawing techniques (eraser work) has been evolving over time. I believe that it will also gradually change, how to color and draw. I promise to tell you all the best techniques at the time.        
* We will start from "Easy & fun roses with using the eraser without tracing and patterns". It's refered from Mrs.Takumi in Atelier TAKU.        
* It's my original techniques, how to draw differently each flower petal type (eraser work).   We use a hard type eraser. (sometimes, use pen type eraser for smaller part)        
* We have 2 courses. The one is "Easy & fun rose art course" which is for beginners and only face to face, and the other is "Real roses art course" which is for experienced and online available.        

★The details of the biginner course is not described on this English brochure.         


【Real Roses Art Course】        
《For experienced》★Both of face to face and online are available.        
"We have 2 different courses; ""1 day course"" and ""3 days course"".
 [1 day course] Teach the techniques to draw flower petals and color for all types in one lesson. (duration:1day)
 [3 days course] Teach the same contents step by step in 3 lessons. (duration:3days)
(Use the same textbook for the both.)"        

●1 day course        
In this course, you will learn how to color and draw flower petals for all types at one time. It will be suitable for someone who cannot take lessons many times or who wants to explore original ways after the course. (The contents of "3 days course" is concentrated in this one lesson.)        

  JPY12,000 (Including the textbook)        
  + JPY2,000 for other expense(Administration fee for paypal and other)    

       JPY5,000 of  certificate fee is required for foreigners

【Required time】        
  About for 4 hours (max 5 hours)        
 Practice for all types flower petals & 1 rose art         


    these are some of examples

 ・Color sepia-toned roses and elegant chic roses        
 ・Draw differently by petal types and petal shapes, effective use of an eraser        
 (Flipped petals, Whole petal with the bottom part, flower buds, etc)        
 ・Touch-up adivice for one art (If you like)        
●3 days course        

"This course is suitable for someone who;
 - Difficult to understand the techniques only in 1 day course.
 - Difficult to explore own way (technically, or no time, etc)
 - Want to learn the drawing techniques for each petal types carefully
 - Want to learn step by step with reviewing the previous lesson. (The contents of 1 day course is divided into 3 days in this course)"            
  Price JPY20,000 for 3 lessons (Including the textbook)        
  + JPY2,000  for other expense(Administration fee for paypal and other)    

        +JPY5,000 of  certificate fee is required for foreigners

【Required time & Subjects】        

   ・ Touch-up adivice for one art (If you like)        


   these are some of examples  
●After taking "Love Rose Art Course'         
 (1 day / 3 days course)        
 ・You can exhibit and sell your art works.        
 ・You can open trial workshops. (You can set the price and the subjects as you like, but NOT ALLOWED to use the textbook in the course.)        
 ・You can make your original course.        
 (In this case, NOT ALLOWED to use the textbooks by IKUKO, and REQUIRED to tell your students that it's based on IKUKO's original techniques)        
  ・You will get follow-up support in the Facebook group after applying for the certificate.
 ・Allowed to use the textbook by IKUKO in your course after getting the certificate.       

●Apply the certificates fee(Required) JPY5,000          

●About the certificates        
【Who can get the certificates?】        


・Took either of 1 day course or 3 days course directly from IKUKO.        
・Took either of 1 day course or 3 days course from other teachers with using "Love Rose Art Course"'s textbook.        
・Keep good business manners        
 Please don't use the textbook in other occasions except "Love Rose Art Course". Also don't share the pictures and the videos of our Facebook group, only private use is allowed.        
【Terms & Conditions】        
・Please pay JPY5,000 of the certificate fee with your lesson fee when you apply for a lesson.      

・Submit the certificate application form.        
・Submit your art work.
 (Online delivery by PC or mobile, Post delivery are available, when you are ready!)       





【Benefit of the certificates】        


★Allowed to use the textbook in your course        
"    You can have your lessons with the ""Love Rose Art Course"" textbook by IKUKO.
    (The lesson fee is up to you.)"        
★Follow-up support in the facebook group        
 ・You will be invited to our facebook group.        
 ・You can get the textbook and other materials there and use them in your lessons.        
 ・New techniques will be shared in the facebook group.        
 ・Live videos for petal drawing techniques will be irregularly distributed.        
 ・Drawing process pictures will be irregularly delivered.        
 ・Nice rose pictures for practice will be provided.         
★The certificate will be issued.        
★I will share the members information who can open "Love Rose Art Course" in my blog and facebook. (Only if you want)        

・It's not easy to teach how to make the rose art work (especialy eraser usage), even on face-to-face. So it should be difficult to teach on online. If it's in English, it'll be more tough. So face-to-face lesson is strongly recommended if possible. (I live in Sapporo city, Hokkaido in Japan)         
・My English level is as like elementary school students. So I will communicate through the translator web application. In that case, sometimes translation could be difficult to understand.        
・I will teach you at my best, though I'm not well experienced in the lessons in English. I hope I can get your kind understanding.        



【Course request available day】

 Basically, it will be Wednesday, Friday, (Saturday), 

but please consult with me if you want other days.


★Apply, contact here

・Email :☆

(Please change ☆ to @ mark.)

・facebook messenger: 松下 郁子(matsushita ikuko)