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2018年06月08日(金) 04時47分33秒







My cat Genmai(means brownrice) died last night. She was 7years old. Just after i arrived at California in the end of April, i got a news from Japan that she had a leukemia & FIV. It was going to finalstage. 40days of survival, she couldn't eat at last and fadeaway in the rainy night. My buddys found her body in the morning.

I moved to Okinawa from Tokyo 3days after Fukushima disaster. I was devorced but took my 6years daughter and exwife. But i couldn’t make them understand the risks about going back Tokyo, media or government announced again and again "it’s almost safe.don’t be nervous”,and 3weeks after they decide to back in their usual days.

I was alone in Okinawa. Then friends in Yomitan was looking for a new owner of 1month tiny cat she had been thrown away by mother cat maybe because of her weakness. “Hey yohei, you should take her to your home.” That was the first time to have a cat in my life.

It was more than 7years for me and she. Got 2times general election as a candidate (to change Japan),i became famous as a POLITICIAN(no way),had 1album and many tours, build up Organic shop, moved to Okayama(my roots place)..and so on. She always saved our house, gave love to we staffs, and waiting for me coming back from tours.

It was easy to remember how long passed from EastJapanEarhquake by her age cause she was born in that year. She was a kind of symbol of “life” for me. A small, tiny, soft, sharp, wild, and lovely existence taught me many things.

My friends buried her body under the KAKI tree in our farm. She died in a rainy dark night alone, maybe looking for me, but now i can feel her soul in my mind, want to celebrate her eternity peace.

Thank you to all who share the memories of her.
R.I.P. Genmai

photo by Hiroshi Nirei




【玄米 幼少期】
2011年6月 沖縄/本部町

【Genmai in her childhood】
2011. Jun. Okinawa/Motobu
The first photo i took with Genmai.
Okinawa's south island so there're so many Stray cats and they have 1〜2years life in average. I heard from locos almost everyone dye for FIV. Genmai got 7years life. She did her best, and so do i. She was not a "pet" , just wild animal lived with me & my friends. @ Portland, Oregon


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