Seeing my kids after a while


(originally posted on 2017-05-30| 12:35)

Last night, I had a great time with my daughter.
We were sticking together and talked a lot.
She read me a book “A wolf with seven lambs”, which she was practicing for me.
This was her first time to read the whole book for me.
She was just so adorable.


The boy was in sleep on the way back from his kindergarten,
so we finally talked this morning.

Before I came back, they were discussing how they should welcome me.
“What are we going to say Mummy when she comes back?”
And the boy said,
“Mummy, welcome home! Love youuuuu.”
He also showed how to hug his mummy too.
Since he was making pretty voices, the daughter asked him.
“Why do you change your tone.”
He said,
“Because Mummy is lovely, I need to act cute too.”


When I gave him a hug this morning, he said that to me in a very lovely tone as he practiced.


Thank you both.