I got tired


(originally posted on 2016-11-03 | 19:03:18)



Today, I was walking 

alone under the sun.



I’ve made so many memories 

in this park over the past few years. 



I’ve gotten a very strong feeling. 


I want to live.

I want to make many many more memories. 



I pictured all the scenes, which I’ve had so far, 

to myself just like a flip comic book, 


and I’ve gotten a strong hope that 

I would like to be forever on the pages of this long-continued comic. 


How could I make my wish come true?

Where could I find the secret method?


Maybe it is not hidden at all, 

but I am just ignorant of it..?


If it is answered without any effort, 

it is not a miracle. 


Both my mind and hearts were into top gear 

, which made me just tired. 

It was pointless.えーん