The power of kids


(originally posted on 2017-06-13| 18:50:03)

Kids have a really pure heart.
They don’t make any assumption,
never judge my situation
based on the experiences or knowledge that they have.
They just simply believe that Mammy has been sick
and she will be only getting better soon.  
So they accept where we are now like
“This is it for now.”


“I want to do it for you!”
She helps to fill out my pain-check sheet.

They take care of my wheelchair as Mommy’s buddy.

They even decorate my wheelchair.
(I wasn’t aware who did it at the beginning. It was Kangen.)
Flowers are getting bigger 笑い泣き
I thank him ラブ, then try to put them back in a water.
With kind empathy,
they even enjoy this situation with great creativity. 
Huge thanks to all of you.
I mean it.
Kids bring powerful energy.