(originally posted on 2017-06-11| 09:04:00)

Good morning.
Thank you all so much for many messages.
I wanted to write yesterday, but I was struggling with bad pains all day.
In the end, I consulted the homecare doctor
and took a suppository that I almost forgot, which helped a lot.
I should have called my doctor sooner.
I took another suppository just in case,
so the pain was a lot better when I got up this morning!!


I look puffy in this photo チュー 
As now I have bad canker sores in my mouth,
someone suggested gargling with chamomile tea.
I try to make some extra
then I put them in a plastic bottle and keep it in a fridge.
I like chamomile basically.
It smells good and it’s also refreshing.
So I enjoy this chamomile gargling in the morning, afternoon and evening.
But, canker sores are really troubling…