(originally posted on 2017-05-26| 16:24:13)

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These days, my jaw hurts really bad.  
It doesn’t get any better, so I got it checked.
Metastasis was found, as expected.  
Tried to cool it and warm it too,
but it doesn’t help at all.
The pain relief doesn’t work for my jaw at all.
There’s not much I can do to ease this pain at this moment. 
But! I still want to do something,
so I tried to apply a charcoal compress on the jaw.

Making a gauze compress with some charcoal

Then, apply it on the jaw and tape it.
Lastly, lift up the sagging cheeks and nasolabial folds,
and tape them carefully.
Here we go!!
Then we will evaluate how it changes in a few weeks.