Thank you very much


(originally posted on 2017-04-03 | 23:16:43)


My older sister’s interview aired on Biking today. 

It’s been 11 months since her last appearance on TV.


Both my older sister and I are deeply appreciative of all staff, casts and also Mr. Shinobu Sakagami for his kindest words. 




Mr. Sakagami told her that it was good to have a break, no matter what triggered, because life was not always easy to stop. 




I guess I would have been running on the same rail if I did not get the disease. 

So I appreciate that I am able to see a different world, which wouldn’t have been available on that rail. 


And whatever rail you are on, life always comes with sufferings,

as far as you live. 




I was alone when I saw cherry blossoms last year, 

but this year, I was able to enjoy it with my family.

It was a warm and happy day. 

Even cherry blossoms seemed warm too. 



Although I was alone and felt lonely last year, it was the most beautiful and impressive cherry blossoms that I had ever seen in my life. 

I had never experienced it before. 




I just remembered that. 

Life is always beautiful – I was reminded again today.