Sorry Sorry


(originally posted on 2017-03-24 | 22:08:39)


It was another good day today.

Appreciate it 😊

Cherry blossoms at our house are fully blooming.💗


I pushed myself a bit hard to hold Kangen as he fell asleep, 

and now the bones have started to hurt. 


Those which had radiation and some other parts that I didn’t even pay attention to start to hurt like old deep wounds. 

My body remembers everything.  

So if I push myself too hard, it reminds me how the body used to be. 

It tells me; 

“this part used to be like that, remember?” 


Once you learned how to deal with them, 

I also started saying what people who have more experiences with cancer once told me. 


Sorry sorry

Calm down calm down

Be nice


Can’t believe I am going through the same now…




I am here, at this moment, after all of those that I had overcome.

It’s so fragile now, but I also have confidence.



The confidence I got after all of those hardships is not supposed to be something that I show off to other people. 

It’s just something that fills only myself with love.