My Experience with American Holidays in Japan


Teaching English in Japan has been an amazing experience for me. I got to take part in two special events, the Halloween and Christmas parties.

The Halloween party was so much fun. Everyone, including students and teachers, dressed up in costumes and played games. It was great to see how the Japanese embraced the Halloween spirit with such enthusiasm and creativity. The effort students and teachers put into their costumes and decorations was really impressive. It was a wonderful celebration that brought everyone together.

The Christmas party was also very special. The school was beautifully decorated, and the students were so excited for the holiday season. We sang Christmas songs, played games, and won prizes! It was heartwarming to see the students fully embrace the spirit of giving and togetherness. I felt lucky to share in the joy and warmth of the occasion.

Both the Halloween and Christmas parties helped me understand Japanese culture better. I loved celebrating these events with my students, and it helped me form stronger connections with the other teachers.


Teaching English in Japan has been a truly enriching experience, and the Halloween and Christmas parties were just a few of the many unforgettable moments I have had. I will always treasure the memories of these celebrations and the kindness of the Japanese people. I'm excited for the many more adventures the new year will bring.