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This SCSI RIDER riser card I designed will plug directly into your SE/30 and SE, Classic(2) logic boards. And the one to connect is BlueSCSI. When developing various devices, I often disassembled the SE/30, so I decided to make this bracket that can be easily disassembled.

My Mac Geek friends complimented my artwork. The logo is a tribute to the movie EasyRider. Great to see Mac riding a motorcycle!


The kit is available in my store for 5 USD, but I have Gerber on my github page, so anyone can make it themselves.


Design Concept





From a skeptical point of view, installing this SCSI RIDER may seem meaningless at first glance, but it has the following advantages. Since you don't need any mounting brackets to put it on, there are no more troublesome things like screws or large metal mounting brackets. The presence of the SCSI HD mounting bracket makes it difficult to plug and unplug the logic board's 14-pin power connector, so I usually do this with the logic board removed from the chassis. However, since there is no HD mounting bracket, you can easily insert and remove the 14-pin connector while leaving the logic board intact.



Also, the position is good, so you can easily insert and remove the SD card. The SCSI RIDER itself has a polyswitch (self-recovery fuse) that protects the diode from overcurrent. 1A polyswitches are commonly found on logic boards, but diodes can still fail. For this reason, I think SCSI RIDER's polyswitch can be 0.5 to 0.7A. (*Theoretical, not tested yet) BlueSCSI doesn't need that much +5V power.

With the Classic and Classic2, when you remove the expansion card, you have to remove the larger HD mount bracket first, but if you install this, you won't have to worry about that, and the logic board can be easily removed.



Since SCSI RIDER is just an adapter, it does not require any special wiring and is easy to install.


How to use

2x female straight connectors are used, but the good ones of this connector are relatively expensive now. (*4.84USD for 2 pieces), you will also need one polyswitch, one chip resistor, and one chip LED.


My store sells only Bare PCB as a kit, and it is open source uploaded to github so that everyone can use it freely. *Sorry, but the rights are not discarded, and commercial use is not allowed.




Supported models





Macintosh SE, SE/30, Classic, Classic2. *May work with IIcx and IIci, but not tested yet.







BlueSCSI has a DB25 version, which is also useful. However, if you want to use other external SCSI devices like a ZIP or CD drives, it's annoying sometimes... so I would like to use the built-in BlueSCSI. I think that each person has their own reasons, but the more options you have, the more versatile the expansion will be.

Soldering can be done easily because there is no soldering work on the legs. It's perfect for beginners to practice soldering. Please make sure to make it when you have a little extra time!