very special ordinary days of hagakure by seiji
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2010-01-06 15:51:23

New Year

Happy New Year to all.

In Tokyo, we started a new year with a very wonderful weather.
Like that, we could spent a new days in full of love and peace.

Hope this year would be better than the last year for everyone.

HAGAKURE1716 one piece, one love.
2009-09-11 18:21:27

8 Years Later... Are We in Peace?

It has been 8 years, since September 11th.

I remember where I was and what I was doing that day just like all the eyewitness of J.F.K Assassination.

I just finished futsal and on my way to the station I got a call from my father and he asked me where I was and told me to watch TV news right away. I asked the reason why and it happen suddenly.

My father just shouted, "Oh my God, the building was just collapse!".
And I saw my watch. It was around 11p.m.

Well, I didn't have a no idea what he was shouted about it. So, I told him to watch TV news when I got back to my home.

So I did.

I couldn't believe my eyes just what I was watching. They showing the first one repeatedly. I just knew something very very bad or even worth things happen and couldn't go to sleep. Just watching TV till in the morning.

Rest of the story, not necessary to tell.

I cannot tell who is right and who is wrong.
But, everyone knows KILLING is bad thing.

Hope someday there will be no fighting.

Wish all the victims and who sacrificed their lives, rest in peace.

2009-09-10 18:57:59

The 293rd Anniversary of HAGAKURE KIKIGAKI

Today, we are celebrating the 293rd Anniversary of HAGAKURE KIKIGAKI.

"HAGAKURE KIKIGAKI", which is a collections of JOUCHOU'S dictation, compiled by TSURAMOTO who visited JOUCHOU'S hermitage between 1709 to 1716. There are 1,343 episodes into 11 volumes and took about 7 years to compile.

This books are about how SAMURAI should behave themselves even if in the time of peace and what BUSHIDO is all about by JOUCHOU'S point of view. However, JOUCHOU didn't want to see this books for anybody outside the country but the people in the same SAGA Clan and he told TSURAMOTO to burn this books after memorized all. Some how this books survived from vanishing and it became a famous as a practical and spiritual guide books for SAMURAI in Japan.

What I believed that many of the elements in this books apply to our life in today. It doesn't matter you are Japanese or foreigner. So, I would like to try to introduce the contents little by little.

In this connection I may add that the book appeared the Hollywood movie,"Ghost Dog : The Way of the Samurai" starring with Forest Whitaker and directed by Jim Jarmusch in 1999 as a props. 280 years later who's gonna be able to imagine those secret books would appeared to foreign country's movie. But I think that this is a proof of anybody could be accepted in the world.

Happy 293rd Birthday !!

HAGAKURE1716 one piece, one love

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