J. Brahms, op.122 No.8, 9, 11, Fuge WoO.8 | Recorder Ensemble Aeolian Consort

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op.122 No.8 "Es ist ein' Ros' entsprungen"

bar1-5 : A1 part
bar5-9 : A2 part
bar9-15 : B1 part
bar15-22 : B2 part
op.122 No.9 "Herzlich thut mich verlangen"
bar1-5 : A1 part
bar5-9 : A2 part
bar9-13 : B part
bar13-17 : C part
op.122 No.11 "O Welt, ich muss dich lassen"
bar1-5 : A part
bar5-9 : B part
bar9-13 : C part
bar13-18 : D part
bar18-23 : E part
bar23-31 : F part
WoO.8 Fuge für die Orgel
a inverse & stretta Fugue
bar1-15 : A part
bar16-27 : B part, Stretta
bar27-36 : C part, with a sub theme.
bar37-46 : D part, stretta
bar47-53 : E part, with diminuated theme, stretta
bar53-59 : F part, Coda