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15語で語る「フィデューシャリー デューティー(受託者義務)」


The fiduciary duty exists for supporting investors (beneficiaries) toinvest in financial products such as mutual funds and stocks and so on. Fiduciary managers are in the Japanese trust banks and security companies such as the people who operate the trust dealings.

They should give consultation to their clients for supporting them,adding value to their asset management and making their portfolios, maximizing clients' profits to the clients expectation, however the managers are paid some commission fees.


The Japanese Financial Sevices Agency has aimed that fiduciary duties exist to encourage specialization of financial fields such as professional dealers who have specific qualifications, and beneficiary profits should be given priority over the fiduciaries' profits.

Finally, I'd like to talk about the future. The high technology of "Fintech" represented by Virtual currencies, has been improving year by year. The Japanese fiduciary duty must be needed for the Japaneseeconomic situation andsociety.


①investor 投資家 ②invest 投資する ③trust bank 信託銀行 ④consultation 相談 ⑤added value 付加価値 ⑥asset management 資産管理 ⑦maximize 最大化 ⑧commission fee 手数料 ⑨Financial Services Agency 金融庁 ⑩qualification 資格 ⑪priority 優先 ⑫Fintech フィンテック ⑬Virtual currency 仮想通貨 ⑭economic 経済の ⑮society 社会


15語で語るフィデューシャリー デューティー(受託者義務)



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