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Hello everybody! Welcome back to another issue of EEC. This week’s word is shake and we’ll be checking out all the common uses of it. I’m sure you know that we can have a milkshake and that we can shake hands, but there are many more interesting phrases. For example, we can shake on an arrangement or shake our heads at something. Take a look below for more phrases!


This issue’s word: Shake


1 “I’m a recovering alcoholic and I still have the shakes sometimes.”

2 “I’ve had this cold for almost two weeks! I can’t shake it off.”

3 “I had to use gum, patches, and e-cigarettes but I finally shook the habit; no more smoking for me!”

4 “I’m so nervous about my speech that my knees are shaking.”

5 “Terry’s car broke down and he started shouting and shaking his fist at it.”


Sadly, that brings us to the end of another issue of e.Front’s English Corner. We’ll be back with more useful English in a few weeks! See you next time!