e.Front’s English Corner (Numbers) | e.Front英会話スクール



Hello there and welcome to another one of our special issues of e.Front’s English Corner. The theme for this week is numbers. Not the word but the numbers themselves, i.e. one, two, three, etc. These numbers can be used in phrases to describe a variety of feelings or situations. Take a look below to see what they are!


This issue’s theme: Numbers


1 “I’m terrible at dancing. I have two left feet.”

2 “I’ll leave you two to enjoy the party by yourselves. After all, two’s company, three’s a crowd.”

3 “Ok, everybody let’s take five!”

4 “Andrew always seems to have some kind of sixth sense about money. His investments do so well!”

5 “Usually after lunch I like to have forty winks.”


I hope you enjoyed our special issue this week. If you can remember even just a few of our phrases each issue then using English will become second nature to you! We’ll be back in two weeks with more fun phrases. See you next time!