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Hey guys! Welcome to e.Front’s English Corner. Have you ever heard of slapped cheek syndrome? No? Well, neither had I until I got it several weeks ago. In Japan you probably know it by the cute name of ringo-byou. It’s common in children but, as I discovered, adults can sometimes get it too. Since I’ve been reading up on it recently I thought it would give us the chance to explore some useful medical English phrases. Below is a simple explanation of the disease with the useful phrases underlined for you.



Theme: Slapped cheek syndrome (also known as fifth disease)


Slapped cheek syndrome is common in children and should clear up on its own within 3 weeks. It’s rarer in adults but can be more serious.


The first sign of slapped cheek syndrome is feeling unwell for a few days with symptoms such as a high temperature of 38C or more, a runny nose and sore throat, or a headache.


After a few days, a bright red rash appears on both cheeks. After a few days with a cheek rash, a red rash may appear on the body and can be itchy. During this stage the patient is usually no longer infectious.


The cheek and body rash normally fade within 2 weeks. Teenagers and adults might also have joint pain and stiffness that feels similar to arthritis. This can continue for many weeks, even after the other symptoms have disappeared.



Well, that’s a lot of useful phrases for you! Make to sure to remember at least a few of these. And that brings us to the end of this issue. I hope you found something that may help you someday at work. Check us out next time for some more fun English phrases! See you next time!