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Hi and welcome to another issue of e.Front’s English Corner. In this issue we’ll check out another body part (finger) and see how it can be used in some creative ways. For example, if a person has sticky fingers then they might just have been eating a doughnut. Or they could be interested in five-finger-discounts! If you liked those phrases then take a look below for some more!


This issue’s word: Finger


1 “My mother has green fingers. She’s really great with plants and loves gardening.”

2 “I beat someone to the last space in the car park. They responded by giving me the finger! Can you believe it?”

3 “I’ve just bought ten lottery tickets, so keep your fingers crossed!”

4 “Somebody’s been stealing food from the office fridge. I know my boss will point the finger at me.”

5 “My wife has butterfingers. I can’t count all the times she’s broken something of mine.”


Well, as quick as you can snap your fingers, another issue is over! I hope you enjoyed it and we’ll be back soon with more fun phrases. See you next time!