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Hi Everyone! Brrr! It’s cold, isn’t it? Welcome back to a chilly issue of e.Front’s English Corner. This week we’ll be exploring the adjective cold and seeing what interesting phrases we can make with it. So come in from the cold, pull up a chair, and take a look at the examples below!


This issue’s word: Cold

1 “I’ve hated Oliver since we were kids but I can wait for my revenge. Revenge is a dish best served cold after all.”

2 “Wow, that Hugh Jackman movie was great! But I think I need to go and take a cold shower!”

3 “Terry got cold feet at his wedding and left his bride waiting in the church for three hours!”

4 “I hate cold calling but unfortunately it’s a part of my sales job.”

5 “It’s always hard to stop smoking cold turkey. The withdrawal symptoms are tough to get over.”


So that’s all for this week! Don’t worry; we’re not giving you the cold shoulder. We’ll be back in two weeks with another issue full of interesting phrases and expressions.


See you next time!