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Hello there! It’s Halloween again so in celebration this issue of e.Front’s English Corner will once again have a slightly graver theme than usual! In this issue we’ll be looking at how a few spooky words like coffin, grave, ghost, etc. can be used to have a bit of fun when talking about some everyday situations. Read on!


おばけThis issue’s theme: Halloweenおばけ


  1. “Be careful while driving around coffin dodgers. They sometimes just walk into the road without looking! I almost hit one the other day!”

  2. “I didn’t know the answer to the last question so I just took a stab in the dark. It’s probably wrong but at least I tried.”

  3. “When I had the flu last year I felt like I had one foot in the grave! It was terrible.”

  4. “Donald Trump has many books but they were written by ghost writers.”

  5. “I have no idea what’s wrong with the computer today. It must be gremlins in the system.”


    That’s the end of this week’s Halloween themed issue. Don’t forget to keep some sweets or candy nearby as you never know who might come trick-or-treating! See you next time!