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Hi everybody and welcome back to another issue of e.Front’s English Corner! I hope everybody is keeping well. This week we’re going to open the issue with a joke that I heard from a friend recently. Are you ready? Read on!


How do you wake up Lady Gaga? Poker face.


Did you get it? If not then don’t worry; the joke will be explained at the end of this issue. If you did get the joke then try to keep a straight face as that joke brings us to today’s word: face.


This issue’s word: Face


  1. “It’s difficult to explain the problem over the phone. Can I talk to you face to face?”

  2. “When you’ve finished your exam put your paper face down on the table.”

  3. “It’s not surprising that politicians are two faced, but that people trust them.”

  4. “If you don’t start looking after your health, then you’ll face the consequences in future.”

  5. “Let’s face it. We don’t have enough money for a holiday this year.”


    That’s it for this week, but before we go let me explain the Lady Gaga joke to those that didn’t get it.


    The answer to the joke (and also the name of a hit song by Lady Gaga) is “Poker face”. This sounds the same as “poke ‘er face” or “poke her face”. Poke means to push something quickly with your finger. So if you poke someone’s face when they are sleeping, then they will probably wake up. They will probably be angry too.


    Well, that brings us to the end of another issue so I hope you all enjoyed it.