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2018-09-09 23:20:01

DRIP RACING PRODUCTS 10th A5 sticker sheet

10周年記念 A5サイズ ステッカーシート 販売します。



価格 ¥2500

10th anniversary commemoration A5 size sticker sheet sells.

The size is small, but many are packed!

Black · White Base

Price ¥ 2500JPY

2018-09-09 22:15:11

DRIP RACING PRODUCTS 10th Limited T-shirts


DRIP RACING PRODUCTSとPULSE DESIGN LABのコラボ   10周年記念限定オリジナルTシャツが入荷しました!

DRIP RACING PRODUCTS and PULSE DESIGN LAB collaboration 10th anniversary limited original T-shirt arrived!

ベース ブラック
ロゴ ライムグリーン

サイズはM・L ・XL・XXL です。


Base Black

Logo lime green

The size is M · L · XL · XXL

Although I tried wearing it, I was wearing L of 172 centimeters of muscle constitution that is self-proclaimed by Choi and selfishly, but I feel that the system looks like a chot slim as the type that fits the body and the shop are told!


身幅  M 48cm  L 51 cm  XL 58cm  XXL 62cm

肩幅  M 40.5cm  L 41.5cm  XL46cm  XXL 48.5cm

着丈  M 66cm  L 68cm  XL 70cm  XXL 77cm

Dimensions by size

Width of a body M 48 cm L 51 cm XL 58 cm XXL 62 cm

Shoulder width M 40.5 cm L 41.5 cm XL 46 cm XXL 48.5 cm

Length M 66 cm L 68 cm XL 70 cm XXL 77 cm

Size M・L・XL 価格 ¥4000(税込)

Size XXL 価格¥4300 (税込)

Size M · L · XL Price ¥ 4000 (tax included)

Size XXL price ¥ 4300 (tax included)

2018-08-11 01:00:49

Drip Racing Products 新バージョン デカールキット商品化 準備段階D...

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