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Hi there! It's Michelle('-^*)/



On April 29th, I went to see DDT at Korakuen Hall! This was a fun show with a lot of excellent matches! There were also a lot of surprising and shocking developments and announcements! A must-see for any DDT fan!


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【会場 Venue】東京・後楽園ホール Tokyo, Korakuen Hall
【観衆 Attendance】1279人(超満員 full house)



DDT LIVE!マジ卍で見せたタペストリーは後楽園ホール大会ではじめて見た!

These banners, which were previously used at DDT LIVE! Maji Manji shows, made their first appearance at Korakuen Hall!





As usual, I tried my luck at the Dramatic Lottery! This time, I won a pamphlet from spring 2008, which I read before the show! I always enjoy reading old DDT pamphlets, because I'm interested in the history of DDT. I like reading the interviews, and the comics which used to be featured regularly in the older pamphlets. However, I always feel a little sad when I see some merchandise I like, because it's usually very difficult (or impossible!) to buy those things now!




I also won these cute Yoshihiko sticky notes!


▼アンダーマッチ 15分一本勝負

Under match, 15mins 1 fall

○マッド・ポーリー vs 岩崎孝樹●
6分26秒 体固め

Mad Paulie vs. Kouki Iwasaki

Paulie defeated Iwasaki (6mins 26s, reverse splash -> cover).




Recently, I've been really interested in Kouki Iwasaki's matches! I enjoy watching him in DNA, and it's always good to see him in DDT, too. I was a little surprised that he didn't beat Paulie here, because he was doing pretty well! I guess it's hard to overcome Paulie's size advantage. A nice little match!


Akito came to greet the audience and give an update on his injury. Akito suffered a torn bicep in his match at the show in Nagano on April 22nd, so he'll be out for a while. He said he won't be having surgery, and he doesn't know exactly how long it'll take for him to completely recover, but he remains positive.
I'm sad that I won't be able to see him in action for a while, because he truly is an excellent wrestler. I hope he recovers well, and I'm looking forward to his comeback match!

Some wrestlers from TJPW and BASARA came to talk about their upcoming Korakuen Hall shows on May 3rd! I'm attending both of these shows, and I can't wait! Hyper Misao vs. Jun Kasai sounds like it's be tons of fun, and I'm really excited about Isami Kodaka vs. Naoki Tanizaki, too!

Masahiro Takanashi is producing a show at Ryogoku KFC Hall on the evening of July 8th, and the main event will be Masahiro Takanashi vs. Isami Kodaka!
▼オープニングマッチ 梅田公太“狂犬”七番勝負第1戦 30分一本勝負
Opening match, Kota Umeda "Mad Dog" Trial Series, Match 1 of 7, 30mins 1 fall
○潮崎豪 vs 梅田公太●<1戦0勝1敗>
8分39秒 体固め
Go Shiozaki vs. Kota Umeda
Shiozaki defeated Umeda (8mins 39s, Gowan Lariat -> cover).

A great match! I wasn't really sure what to expect from this, because, to be honest, I haven't seen a lot of Go Shiozaki's matches. However, watching this match made me want to see more from him! He was certainly a very challenging opponent for Umeda!

梅田公太“狂犬”七番勝負第2戦の対戦相手は発表された!5月8日のDDT LIVE!マジ卍にて、梅田公太対伊東竜二は決定しました!
Afterwards, Umeda's next opponent in this trial series was announced! At the DDT LIVE! Maji Manji show on May 8th, Kota Umeda will face the Deathmatch Dragon, Ryuji Ito in a hardcore match!

▼第二試合 敗者国外追放マッチ 30分一本勝負
Second match, 8 Man Tag Team Match (which became a "Loser Gets Deported" Match),  30mins 1 fall
○坂口征夫&マイク・ベイリー&MAO&赤井沙希 vs 大鷲透&平田一喜●&スーパー・ササダンゴ・マシン&アントーニオ本多
7分46秒 エビ固め
Yukio Sakaguchi, Mike Bailey, MAO and Saki Akai vs. Toru Owashi, Kazuki Hirata, Super Sasadango Machine and Antonio Honda
Sakaguchi defeated Hirata (7mins 46s, PK -> shrimp hold).
Hirata got deported. (Again)

As soon as it was announced that the match had suddenly been changed to Loser Gets Deported rules, the outcome was pretty obvious! However, it was such a funny match, I was OK with knowing what the result would be before it even started!

It was really nice of Saki Akai to discourage Yukio Sakaguchi from attacking Hirata before he'd finished dancing!
However, Hirata's teammates weren't particularly helpful to him in this match!

Saki Akai's diving body attack!

Naturally, Hirata didn't want to be deported (again), so Yuki Iino came along to help him on his way!

"Breaking news! From tomorrow's Mie show, two mysterious masked men will take part! Takatimo Dragon and Hiratimo Dragon!"
爆  笑
▼第三試合 30分一本勝負
Third match, 30mins 1 fall
●樋口和貞&石井慧介 vs 高尾蒼馬&上野勇希○
6分43秒 エビ固め
Kazusada Higuchi and Keisuke Ishii vs. Souma Takao and Yuki Ueno
Ueno defeated Higuchi (6mins 43s, Frankensteiner -> shrimp hold).

A spectacular victory for Yuki Ueno! He took so much punishment from Higuchi and Ishii, it seemed almost certain that he would lose... but, he suddenly turned it around and secured the win! Everyone was so shocked, but it was a great end to a great match!

▼第四試合 3WAYタッグマッチ 30分一本勝負
Fourth Match, 3 Way Tag Match, 30mins 1 fall
佐々木大輔&遠藤哲哉 vs ○ジェイソン“ザ・ギフト”キンケイド&渡瀬瑞基 vs 松永智充&勝俣瞬馬●
7分14秒 エビ固め
Daisuke Sasaki and Tetsuya Endo vs. Jason "The Gift" Kincaid and Mizuki Watase vs. Tomomitsu Matsunaga and Shunma Katsumata
Kincaid defeated Katsumata (7mins 14s, Philosopher's Stomp -> shrimp hold).

Unfortunately, most of my photos from this match weren't very good(^^;;
But, it was pretty good fun!
I don't really understand why Mizuki Watase has started wearing a suit for his matches, though...
(He looks good and everything, I mean, Watase ALWAYS looks good, but why a suit?!)

▼第五試合 チェリーDDTラストマッチ 30分一本勝負
Fifth Match, Cherry DDT Last Match 30mins 1 fall
●チェリー&フランソワーズ☆タカギ&大石真子 vs 男色ディーノ○&KUDO&高梨将弘
11分23秒 漢固め
Cherry, Francoise☆Takagi and Mako Oishi vs Danshoku Dieno, KUDO and Masahiro Takanashi
Dieno defeated Cherry (11mins 23s, True Danshoku Driver -> cover).

Cherry's graduation match!

Dieno looked shocked by the photo he took with a fan's phone during his entrance scene.

This match was really funny, and a great send-off for Cherry!

Cherry's partners kept failing to keep Dieno in place, so she kept accidentally attacking them.
Even though it was technically their own damn fault, they got annoyed with Cherry, and turned on her in the last couple of minutes of the match, allowing Dieno to finish her off!

▼セミファイナル DDT EXTREME級選手権試合~通常ルール 60分一本勝負
Semifinal, DDT Extreme Championship Match, Regular Rules, 60mins 1 fall
<王者>●宮本裕向 vs HARASHIMA○<挑戦者>
12分51秒 片エビ固め
<Champion> Yuko Miyamoto vs. HARASHIMA <Challenger>
HARASHIMA defeated Miyamoto (12mins 51s, Soumatou -> kata ebi gatame).
Miyamoto failed his fourth title defence. HARASHIMA became the 41st DDT Extreme Champion.

What a fantastic match! I loved it so much!
HARASHIMA's matches are always good, but his title matches are on another level! This one was no exception! Of course, Miyamoto's performance was excellent, too! (I think a lot of people who read my blog already know how much I like HARASHIMA, though!)

I thought about this when this match was announced! (Warning, TV Tropes link, it's really interesting to read and you'll be there all day)


I screamed when Miyamoto used that Soumatou on HARASHIMA! HARASHIMA really hates it when his opponents use his own signature moves on him! (See also, HARASHIMA's match with Kota Ibushi in 2015... when he got up after Ibushi used Soumatou, he was SO ANGRY, to the point where half the women in the audience screamed because his face was so scary)

HARASHIMA chose his long-time rival KUDO as his first challenger! This match is bound to be fantastic, too! I can't wait to see it!


Miyamoto and Yasu Urano both announced they were leaving Smile Squash! Neither Miyamoto or Urano are in DDT, but I was still a little shocked that they both announced they were leaving, one after the other...

It briefly looked like Souma Takao was going to announce that he was leaving Smile Squash, too, but to the relief of their fans, he announced that he would stick with HARASHIMA.

Then. DAMNATION turned up, and Daisuke Sasaki tried to recruit HARASHIMA as their new member! However, DAMNATION's members all started attacking him after he refused to join. Luckily, Takao was there to help him out!

(However, some fans have a theory that there is a chance that Takao might betray HARASHIMA, and end up joining DAMNATION himself...! Only time will tell!)
▼メインイベント KO-D無差別級選手権試合 60分一本勝負
Main event, KO-D Openweight Championship Match, 60mins 1 fall
<王者>●竹下幸之介 vs 入江茂弘○<挑戦者>
18分17秒 体固め
<Champion> Konosuke Takeshita vs. Shigehiro Irie <Challenger>
Irie defeated Takeshita (18mins 17s, Beast Bomber -> cover).
Takeshita failed his twelfth title defence. Shigehiro Irie became the 62nd KO-D Openweight Champion.

For the first time in four years and eight months, Shigehiro Irie is KO-D Openweight Champion once again, after a very impressive main event! Everyone knew it would take someone incredibly strong to stop Konosuke Takeshita's record breaking title reign, and I think a lot of people were expecting Irie to win. He certainly had a lot of support from the audience!

Shigehiro Irie's first challenger will be his old Team Dream Futures friend and partner, Keisuke Ishii! This is sure to be a great match!


Ironman Heavymetalweight Championship Match

<王者>●スーパー・ササダンゴ・マシン vs 島谷常寛○<挑戦者>
14時21分 体固め

<Champion> Super Sasadango Machine vs. Nobuhiro Shimatani <Challenger>

Shimatani defeated SSM (2:21pm, Shimatani hit SSM in the face with a rubbish bin (while he was doing the ending announcements) -> cover). SSM failed his title defence, and Shimatani became the 1301st Ironman Heavymetalweight Champion.




Ironman Heavymetalweight Championship Match

<王者>●島谷常寛 vs 赤井沙希○<挑戦者>

14時22分 片エビ固め 

<Champion> Nobuhiro Shimatani vs. Saki Akai <Champion>

Akai defeated Shimatani (2:22pm, Big Boot -> kata ebi gatame). Shimatani failed his title defence, and Akai became the 1302nd Ironman Heavymetalweight Champion.






This time, the fan club photo event was with Cherry! I always enjoyed Cherry's matches in DDT, and she was always so helpful and encouraging when I took part in DDT's pro-wrestling classes! I wish her the best of luck in the future!





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