Hello to our Readers!!

How are you? I hope you have all been well. 
As you have probably heard on the news, the government has lifted the state of emergency for the Kansai area including Hyogo Prefecture. Since the number of infections in Kobe has also started to level off, we have decided to slowly open lesson reservations from next week. (Monday, May 25~.) ✨

Lesson days and lesson times will be limited for now, but we hope to get back to our regular lesson schedule as soon as possible. For our regular students, if you would like to make a reservation, please check the online schedule for available lessons or send us an email and we can check for you. 😉

During lessons, we ask all students to wear a face mask. Alcohol spray/gel will be available at the front entrance. 

Thank you for your patience and we hope to see you soon!! Take care!!🙂