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Hello everyone,


It`s Michi again. Today I want to talk about “Gardening”. For the last two years I`ve slowly been getting into it. Every year I`m trying to expand the variety of my small garden.

One of the easiest things, in my opinion, are tomatoes. They are always useful in the kitchen, either to freshen up your pasta or to add to your salad. This is what I`ve gotten so far this year

I`m also growing paprika this year. I was really happy when this small one appeared. I wonder how they`ll turn out

And then there is basil. This year I used my own seeds which I had gotten from my basil last year. I love smelling it in the morning. Basil is great to use for Italian dishes.


How about you? Are any of our readers into gardening and/or cooking? Please tell me about it the next time you see me.