made from synthetic materials, different manufacturers using different synthetic materials, but its purpose is to effectively protect the feet, increase comfort, and low heels, light, non-slip, falling underside to prevent irregular grooves. · Vibram soles now, high-end mountaineering boots are made of Italy produced by Vibram outer sole. Vibeam nike free run 5.0 running shoes in addition to providing professional materials, but also provides professional design of bottom lines. Each year, development and application of new materials are Vibeam, so Vibeam is the high performance, high skill, high comfort of nouns. Vibeam in the outdoor industry enjoys a high reputation and credibility. Vibram soles are made from hard rubber material, its biggest attributes are non-slip and shock absorption, while rubber also has non-stick oil, anti-burning features. Rubber itself is a non-slip material, again based on engineering

materials, pressed into irregular shapes, uneven underside in order to lead to greater friction. VibramLate surface has different of design style, its late of concave slot direction, and depth, and material are is to different type of mountaineering boots needs and design, such as, not stick oil and anti-burning late is for engineering shoes design, hard and anti-mill of late is for mountaineering boots design, can loaded ice claw slot of late nike free run 3 womens running shoes is for snow mountaineering boots set half, more soft of late is for usually wear of loafers design etc, Vibram company also application modern most technology, in late within joined shock micro hole, and high strength of carbon fiber, high-tech material. Professional hiking boots feature 1, high waist, 5--7.5 inch walk in complex terrain, serve to protect the supporting ankle function. 2, Italy Vibeam outsole, which walked in the wet and slippery

conditions and difficult terrain. 3, shoes of intermediate structure to be rather stout, and has excellent shock-absorbing cushioning. 4, fewer joints, use a block of material manufacturing upper structure. 5, thick tongue design, close to the foot, connected with the upper fold, opening big enough to wear off with ease. 6, uppers and outer soles and a u-shaped seal, strengthened structure and waterproof function. 7, toe and heel reinforcements to protect, and toe highlight, protect the foot. Heel slightly drums, strengthening stability shoes. When installing the crampons up and down steep slopes and to reduce reduce foot pressure. 8, half leather and shoes-wide advantages and disadvantages compare: 1) weight 2) comfortable and shortens the period 3) after cleaning up easy dry 4) cheap 5) over difficult terrain would seem poor stability shoes. Rugged high altitude

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