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environment do not apply. 6) half leather shoes without waterproof structure and waterproof properties. But can squeeze or moisture in the shoe when walking out. 7) service life is shorter than the all-leather shoes 8) hardness is not sufficient to cope with the hard object hit the weight, weight cannot effectively meet the crampons. Buy hiking shoes note 1, buy when I try on shoes in the afternoon, usually larger 2 feet this afternoon, when I try on shoes and thick socks and then crammed into one or two fingers from followed by nike flyknit lunar 2 womens good. Because prolonged swelling of the hind feet will walk for migration, you must set aside space to. 3, under normal circumstances, this morning when I try on shoes and thick socks tucked two fingers. Afternoon or evening when I try on shoes and thick socks into a finger. This shoe is appropriate. 4When, walking, hiking shoes, lace

can be divided into two parts with. Uppers can be controlled depending on the terrain and the upper strap tight. If you take part in outdoor activities and physical activity recommends wearing Tracksuits jeans are not appropriate: NIKKO are high, Colombia, TIMBERLAND, camel, HBN. Typically sell for more than 400. Discount 200-300 will suffice. Wear over 3 years no problem, very comfortable! Rubber: for all kinds of sport shoes outsole. Advantages: nike free run good wear resistance, slip-proof, flexible, less prone to breakage, better flexibility, good extension and contraction stability, good hardness, good bendability. Disadvantages: heavy weight, easy cream (in case of quality problems), and not likely to corrode (environmental issues). PU: polyurethane synthetic polymer materials, commonly used for basketball and tennis shoes in the end, also can be used for casual shoes

outsole. Advantages: high density, hardness, wear resistance, good flexibility and good resistance to oxidation and corrosive Lee Green, easy to fold. Disadvantages: strong water absorption, prone to yellowing, easily broken, low elongation, not water, end of perishables. EVA: vinyl acetate copolymers, polymer materials. Often used for jogging, walking, casual shoes, foot training shoes in the end. Pros: lightweight, good elasticity, flexibility, and difficult to crease, has a very good color, suitable for all kinds of weather. Cons: easy water absorption, less prone to corrosion is bad for the environment, easily dirty. PHYLON (MD): the genus EVA secondary high-pressure molding, international running shoes, tennis shoes, basketball shoes in the end of the main materials used, can also be used for casual shoes outsole. Advantages: lightweight, flexible, look thin,