Today the Ministry of Education released its K-12 recovery plan for September. We are pleased that we can expect a near-normal return to school in September.

The press release states that  "... students will no longer be grouped into cohorts this September. Research has shown schools were not significant sources of COVID-19 transmission, and with high vaccination rates throughout B.C., these measures will no longer be necessary. This will allow normal timetabling. Should the current encouraging progress continue, it is anticipated the restrictions on gatherings, extracurricular activities and sports will no longer be required when the new school year begins."

For further details, please refer to the June 17 Ministry Press Release.

本日、文部省は9月のK(年長)-12(高3)回復計画を発表しました。 9月にはほぼ正常に学校に戻ることが期待できます。