Moving along the lines of the fourth industrial revolution where everything has now escaped to the digital dimension, the advertising industry has yet to give a sign of wanting to be left behind in this fast-paced race. The signboard making business, for instance, is now making its way to produce more and more digitalised products due to high demand from consumers. However, does a traditional way where you have to put up a well-print banner in front of your shop, is no longer relevant nowadays? What are the goods in using digital ones as compared to the traditional ones?


First and foremost, you need to consider the display you will get for both the old and the new style of designing. Let’s get real. No matter how you look at it, the display on an LED signboard will always look more appealing as it gives more vibrant colour than their traditionally printed counterparts. The printed ones can get colourful but it will not shine as bright as the digital ones, especially at night. You need to consider which one will first grab the attention of your customers when they pass by your shop or company.


Next is the cost of maintaining both signboards. If you are into the traditional ones, do pay attention to how much you assume the signboard shall be altered in the future. This is important as the cost of printing is not that cheap especially when it comes to huge colourful image printing. However, if your signboard will always be significant in its initial look an does not need much altering in the future, then the traditional ones indefinitely for you. As for the digital signage, be rest assured that you can change the picture to your likings but the cost you will need to pay is the electricity for the LED. Also, do take note to pay your bill on time so that your signboard will still shine in the darkest hour.


Last but not least is the size. You need to compare the compatibility of the size of your signboards. If you are using the traditional method, you can easily alter the size to your likings based on the size of paper in the market. However, when it comes to the digital ones, it is pretty much trickier than you think. Say if your company wants to go beyond the normal size range of a signboard which is at 10“-86”, it’ll be a little harder for you to get the appropriate size as you might as well need to pay your custom made signage maker kuala lumpur extra to get the exact size you want.


In conclusion, there are always pros and cons when it comes to traditional and digital marketing in today’s world. You need to be wise in making the best decision for your business to flourish in the future in the long-term.