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Well, I apologize then. I never meant to sound condescending. I am sorry if you felt talked-down to. I didn't meant to be irrelevant or wishy-washy. I simply wished to state that when you are prejudice against a Jewish person that you are an anti-Semite (which is not wrong, nor is it irrelevant). So, I AM sorry, because I think internet arguing (especially on youtube) is petty and pathetic. .

The Bronze! download, in, hindi

Nick Park returning makes me already extremely hyped as well as Tom Hiddleston as the villain just can't wait!!! Only a few months to go!.

This looks terrible.

i paid for the HD version but its giving me the 480. what gives. can i have my money back if i cant watch it in HD then.

1:18 why isn’t anyone admiring this glorious reference.

If they were emo they will get the most money. 

My BFF quit roblox and never came back on ever since pbb was deleted

I remember my intire team It was an honour playing brick bronze now...... we must move on 😭😭my ash greninja and mega alakazam


I thought this was called the badass teapot, naturally i was intrigued so i took a look i now think the movie should be renamed 

Bernadette, stop swearing

Ooo ooh it's pointy!!!! The only reason I watch this trailer 😂😂😂

1:18 this is what you came for
holy guacamole
what's the soudntrack?
What about psychological pain?


How the actual hell will they avoid Nintendo copyright strikes tho?
If Benedict Cumberbatch had a voice role, this movie would have been the best British animated movie in century, featuring UK's sexiest men.
i literally could not recognise any of the voices and i know tom, eddie and maisie are in this
Watched this for Sebastian Stan but by the end of it, I can honestly say that this movie is a real eye-opener!

How can I watch this movie? It's not on theater and I can't find the source through Internet
IM DA #1 Pokemon fan!!!
Watched Tested's video with Adam Savage interviewing the director of this movie. After seeing the meticulous planning involved and how charming it actually is, I really want to see this..

I'm guessing the villain is evil because he's got tiny hands. 10 BUCKS IF IT'S TRUE CALLED IT!!!


Watch Bad Grandmas at Dailymotion



Lmao, it feels like John wick when he lost his dog.... and the funny thing is that his real name is Keanu?!!?


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Ewwww I remember when that guy was a KID!!!

That trailer has the vibe of a PG-movie but it ain't no PG movie. Juno Temple looks hot as !@#$ in that but that still can't make me see this awful looking mess.