chara zusi part2

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My mother made chara zusi againにこ They are 2 flowers and butterfly and panda. How lovely they are! What do you think what does it taste like? The tastes are so nice because the rice taste like susi rice and some dried seasonings for sprinkling on rice ;) I really want to learn how to make it for cherry blossom viewing in April桜**

By the way I've just known foreigner also call pand panda hahaパンダ I've misunderstood the calling I heard of it only last night. Panda is a commo language in the world地球

Japanese decoration susi

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Hiくもとにじ How have you been? It has been a long timeあせる Update another blog which is written by only Japanese now.

By the way, these rice balls are funny aren't they? These are called 'chara zusi' like character susi in Japanese. My mother made them by rice and an omelette and processed foods like sausage.

Suddenly she bought a book about it and now she is taking lessons about it. Though I couldn't understand why she started taking lessons before, I can do it because they are very cuteにこ

doll house

I made a doll house for christmasクリスマスツリー

クリスマス用のドールハウスを作りました音譜といっても、だいぶ前に作って壊れてた部分を少しだけ直しただけですけど(*^o^*)ケーキとか粘土買って直さないとボロボロだわ~ヾ( ´ー`)










The end....

macrobiotic curry(?)


I cooked curry without waterカレーThe recipe is easyビックリマーク You put in some vegetable that you want to have to liquidizer, and grill some chopped meat on saucepan and the meat thoroughly cooked, vegetable a and curry and spice leaf put into the saucepan. Then i seasoned them so that it will suit my familiy's taste with some spices and honey, yogurt, sauce and so on. Finally I put on fried vegetable. That's all. good!!It's very easy, isn't it? I had curry with brown riceウインクIt was pretty delicious合格



And I went to a herb curry cafe where is in Nkameguro before. These curry are like I made, haha. Actually I resembled this curry. The cafe name is Ka・Ku・Ra. The curry and food is very nice and healthy. I recommend you this cafe o(^-^)o

oxygen bar


池袋にある酸素バーに行ってきましたo(^-^)o 酸素バーでは、約20%のアロマを含んだ高濃度の酸素を吸うことができます。たくさんの色の酸素があって、香りを楽しむことができるのですよ虹金額は、、鼻のチューブ代を入れて20分で1500円。なんだか生き返ったって感じだったな~(´∀`o)アップ酸素バーは色々な場所にあるみたいなので、もし興味あればトライしてみてくださいねウインク


I went to oxygen bar at Ikebukuro. We can inhale an increased percentage of oxygen contains about 20% aromatherapy at oxygen bar. And there are various kind or colour oxygen and we can enjoy many smell. The fee is $15.00 includes the nose tube per 20m. I felt refleshed taking it :D The oxygen bar can now be found in many places, so try it if you want.
Look! The woman in the YoTube is a little strange (lol)

Halloween Party

super mario brothers(lol)

この前ハロウィンパーティに行ってきましたハロウィン すごく楽しかったけど、サウンドがすごく大きかったし、ちょっと変な格好をしてる人もいたので、ちょっと私には刺激的だったかな~(;^_^A 

I went to Halloween Party the other day. It was very fun but too sensational for me.. because the sounds was very big and there were some people wearing peculiar clothes :/ But it's OK. The man with me in the picture is good DJ of French and whose name is Coppini. He had taught French on NHK TV in Japan before and he is French man though, he speaks Japanese with a Hakata accent :D
This is his profile. →
Anway it was funny party☆

KAWASAKI Halooween 2008

【ハロウィン企画第三弾】西洋のおばけと日本のおばけ、どっちが怖い 好き?? ブログネタ:【ハロウィン企画第三弾】西洋のおばけと日本のおばけ、どっちが怖い 好き?? 参加中


KAWASAKI Halloween 2008 のparadeを見に行ってきました。